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Essential nutrient supplements to help you conceive

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Supplements to Help you conceive

Hectic lifestyles, stress, lack of fresh and nutritious food served on the table often results in lack of balanced meals. In the long run, it leads to depletion of certain nutrients that the body requires, which in turn affects fertility rate. So, though altering your diet and healthy eating helps, you can try having these supplements too. Not only are they safe during pregnancy, but consuming them earlier helps in faster conception

Folic Acid

Mostly known for preventing Spina Bifida in babies, folic acid is vital for conception and during pregnancy. Being a part of the B-complex vitamin group, it keeps the genetic codes of the baby healthy. It works best when combined with vitamin B supplements.


This nutrient is known for boosting fertility in both women and men. It also reduces risks of miscarriage and boosts reproductive hormones in the body. In fact, high concentrations of Zinc are found in sperms, especially the tail and outer layer. 


Give yourself a fertility and antioxidant boost with selenium, which is known best of preventing chromosome breakage. It boosts sperm formation in men and reduces birth defects too.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Can’t get enough of avocados and walnuts, then have these supplements to control inflammation, which leads to infertility. Being prostaglandins rich, it boosts quality of sperms while fighting poor motility and low sperm count in men. One can also take a combination of Omega 3, 6, and 9 supplements post consultation with a doctor. 

Vitamin E

Another antioxidant that the body needs to boost fertility is vitamin E, which is given to men opting for IVF treatments. It boosts fertility rates by 19% to 29%. 

Vitamin C

Known for boosting sperm quality and offering protection from DNA damage, vitamin C is also antioxidant rich. It also prevents the sperms from clumping together.


A great substitute for Vitamin A, it is a safe option to take during pregnancy too. Beta-carotene is best known for protecting eggs and sperm DNA against the malicious free radicals. These free radicals damage cells in the body and antioxidant laden beta-carotene reduces this risk.


For men suffering from amino acid deficiency, this supplement is a boon. Researches show that the sperm head contains of this nutrient. It boosts the count and quality of the sperm. However, people suffering from Herpes shouldn't consume the same as it boosts the virus growth too.


To enhance the normal functioning of the sperms, this amino acid is suggested to men. Again, it is found in high levels in sperm cells and is given to boost quality and flow of sperms in the male.

posted Feb 17, 2016 by anonymous

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