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I've been diagnosed of PCOS recently. What are the possible causes for the same?

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posted Feb 16, 2016 by Pallavi

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1 Answer

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The causes of PCOS still linger as a mystery, yet some doctors predict following could be some of the reasons:

  • Genetics: There is an increased likelihood of PCOS in women whose mother or sister also has a history of PCOS.
  • Insulin resistance: The body does not use insulin effectively and pancreas secretes more insulin to make glucose available to the cells. This excess insulin stimulates the production of the male hormones adrogens that may affect the ovaries' ability to ovulate.
  • Low-grade inflammation: Presence of low-grade inflammation in women with PCOS is one of the reasons for insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease risk factors.
answer Feb 16, 2016 by Pallavi