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How can I be sure I am capable of doing the meditation?

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posted Oct 5, 2018 by Vijay Vardhan

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1 Answer

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First of all, it is completely normal for your mind to wonder! The trick is notice you've been distracted and return to your breath. Just noticing you're distracted means you're aware of it, so congratulations this is the definition of mindfulness!!! 

I've been meditating for almost a year, and even still I find myself losing focus. Although, over time you will become more competent in quieting your mind for longer periods of time... So keep at it! The best advice I can give is don't have an expectation of what 'should' happen; sometimes nothing ever does. Other times, your mind may be frantic, but you will find it will have slowed down after 10-20 minutes. Who knows, you may also feel your innate state of grace once in a while... 

Now to the tingles: this could mean anything and only you have the answer. If I were to guess, it is your body sensing some of the energy that comes from higher levels of consciousness; energy that can always be accessed. You will experience a great number of unusual things during your life's practise, I'm sure. Do not pay too much attention to it though. We are in our physical bodies for a reason, and that is to become one with body, mind and soul. Let it just be, it will look after you if you believe it is truly your own creation. On that note, so is everything in your reality, it all flows from your thoughts and beliefs. 

answer Oct 6, 2018 by Y.chandralekha