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What should I do when my mind wanders off thinking about various things during meditating?

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posted Sep 18, 2018 by Nithin Kumar

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1 Answer

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Simply being aware that your mind might wander off is a good start! Don’t worry. It is perfectly normal.

Always remember – You are NOT your thoughts – this is absolutely crucial! You don’t need to engage in thoughts. You can choose not to get caught up in them. Here’s how…

When your mind wanders, simply use this as an opportunity to acknowledge the thought.

Learn to spot them.

Say to yourself ‘thinking’. Observe the thought. Imagine that each thought you have is like a cloud in the sky. There are thousands of clouds in the sky.

These clouds come and go throughout the day. In the same way that your thoughts may come and go throughout the day.

So when a thought arises, thank your mind for the thought, and imagine the thoughts floating away like small white clouds in an otherwise amazing blue sky.

answer Sep 19, 2018 by Aleena Alexander