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How can meditation help me make decisions on a practical level?

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posted Aug 31, 2018 by M.r.suji Raga Priya

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1 Answer

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Let’s say you need to make a decision or come up with a solution to an especially difficult personal or work-related problem, and you’re in anxiety and frustrated because you can’t decide what to do.

Instead of thinking obsessively about a problem until our heads are about to burst, or tossing and turning all night long, just completely put it aside. We all need insights to solve our problems, but we can’t experience an insight just by the strength of our mind and intelligence.

Instead of struggling in the muddy waters of the mind, endeavoring to find a solution to a problem, take your mind and immerse it in Transcendental Sound. When your mind tries to go back onto the problem, then gently bring it back to the comforting sounds. Then from this rested condition, a solution or decision will arise from within, like a bubble of oxygen that naturally rises up from the mud on the bottom of a lake. And your problem, which previously seemed so insurmountable, will either burst into insignificance like that very same bubble, or at least you can see a clear path toward the solution.

answer Sep 3, 2018 by Aleena Alexander