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What to do when brilliant thoughts and insights come during meditation?

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posted Aug 22 by Archana.s

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1 Answer

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Meditation helps clear the mind. So it is natural that creativity will flow better. Many meditators know that they have their best ideas or insights when they are meditating. I also feel the same.

You don’t want to interrupt the meditation, but also don’t want to lose the insight. So, what to do?

It’s not a good idea to “keep thinking it” in fear that you will forget. On the other hand, I wouldn’t necessarily advise interrupting the practice and taking note of it (although it’s better than to keep thinking about it).

What I nowadays do and works for me is to repeat that thought once inside my mind, strongly, with the intention of not forgetting it. I do that and then leave it aside. After finishing meditation, I then think “what was that thought again?”, and it usually comes back. You might need a bit of training to do this, but it’s definitely possible. And it will make your mind stronger.

answer Aug 23 by Nikitha C.n