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What to do when strong emotions come up in meditation, or in everyday life?

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posted Aug 21, 2018 by Prathibha.m

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1 Answer

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Once you are in meditation, bring in, mentally, all the triggers for your aggression. And then be there. Keep breathing. Notice what happens to your body, to your muscles, to your nerves. Notice what is going on in your mind. Feel it deeply – but keep seated in meditation. Relax in it. Breathe into it.

Don’t move. Don’t try to push this experience away. Let it be whatever it wants to be. You are experiencing everything from a neutral space, without reacting.

Now notice how you are the observer of all this. How you are capable of letting it all be there in your system, without you acting upon it. You are observing from a quiet place, a place of awareness. This is power.

answer Aug 22, 2018 by Aleena Alexander