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Why can’t hatha-yoga be used as a means of attracting people to Krishna consciousness?

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posted Aug 13, 2018 by Nithin Kumar

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1 Answer

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Because hatha-yoga and other processes of self-realization based on astanga-yoga, or mystic yoga, are indirect methods that are virtually guaranteed not to work in Kali-yuga, people will be lead to misidentify them as spiritually beneficial. And since much of Atma Yoga is based on such methods and is presented as a means of self-realization, there is an element of deception involved. From the start, beginning students of Atma Yoga who are not already devotees will be under the mistaken impression that the mystic yoga process can yield tangible, spiritual benefit for them. Of course, there is no ill intent on the part of those teaching the course, and the locus of the misunderstanding is with the students. Yet because Atma Yoga is promoted as a derivative of the mystic yoga process, it will necessarily perpetuate inauthentic notions of self-realization that students will later need to "unlearn" if they want to make further spiritual progress.

answer Aug 14, 2018 by Syed Zubair