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I have very tight shoulders, Are there any Yoga poses I could work on that would help open them up?

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posted Aug 7, 2018 by N.yogetha

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1 Answer

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Particularly if you work in an office environment and have poor posture, tight shoulders may be a problem for you. Tight shoulders may lead to a stiff neck as well as back problems. However, you can loosen tight shoulders with yoga. Many yoga poses work to release the tension in your neck and shoulders, as well as increasing your range of motion. You can use poses that strengthen your torso as well to provide stability for your shoulders and improve your posture

Step 1: -Releasing Shoulder and Neck Tension

Step 2: - Increasing Your Range of Motion

Step 3:- Strengthening Your Torso

answer Aug 8, 2018 by Vijay Vardhan