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Do I need a timer when meditating?

+1 vote
posted Jul 5 by Bhavisha.k

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1 Answer

0 votes

Use a timer for the following reasons.

  • Worrying about whether your session is done is a distraction. A timer will free you from this.

  • A resolution to sit for X minutes may not work.

  • Even if the resolution does work, you could end up mistaking that for progress. Don't laugh -- people mistake side effects of practice for the goals of the practice. They'll ask if meditation can improve their grades, lead to particular hallucinations, etc.​
  • There's no harm to using a timer. After all, group meditations also use a timer, it just happens to be a human who hits a chime. There's nothing magical about people that makes chimes hit by them any less disruptive than those generated by an electronic device.
answer Jul 9 by T.venu Kumar