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What are the benefits of Yoga nidra?

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posted Jun 29 by N.chaithra

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1 Answer

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1. It helps in relieving muscular, emotional, and mental tension.

2. Yoga Nidra relaxes the mind by relieving stress and anxiety.

3. It treats insomnia, psychological disorders, and psychosomatic diseases.

4. It trains the mind and helps in enhancing memory and increasing learning capacity.

5. Yogic sleep also results in increased energy levels.

6. It heals endocrinal imbalances and ensures

7. Yoga Nidra not only detoxifies the body but also clears up the subconscious.

8. It improves creativity.

9. It also leads to improved senses and more cultivated body awareness.

10. Yoga Nidra restores the mind and body.

answer Jul 2 by Nikitha S Prasad