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Explain in detail the steps, benefits and precautions during sakhasana?

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posted Jun 29 by Archana.s

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1 Answer

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Sit on the floor with legs stretched out. Always use a yoga mat or a cushion or a carpet while sitting on the floor.

Fold the left leg and tug it inside the right thigh. Then fold the right leg and tug in inside the left thigh.

Keep the hands on the knees. Jnana mudra or Chin mudra can be used if you are using this posture for meditation.

Sit erect with spine straight.

Relax your whole body and breathe normally.

Maintain this position for as long a comfortable.

Benefits To Body Part:

The Sukhasana is a comfortable, sitting yoga pose that is ideal for meditation. In Sanskrit, Sukh m ease, happiness, peace or relaxation and this pose is aimed at providing all of it. There are many physical, emotional and mental benefits associated with this pose, some of which include -

Amplifying your state of serenity and tranquility Broadens your collarbones and chest Calming your brain

Eliminating stress, anxiety and mental exhaustion

Improving alignment

Lengthening your spine

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Opening your hips

Promoting inner calm

Reducing fatigue

Strengthening your back

Stretching your ankles and knees



•      Don’t do sukhasana in inflammation in the knee or hip, spinal disc problems and chronic khee injries.

•      Perform this asana under the Guidance and supervision of a certified Yoga guru at least until you master it.


answer Jul 2 by Nikitha C.n