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Can I learn yoga without yoga Classes?

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posted Jun 18 by T.venu Kumar

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1 Answer

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Yoga is such a practice that everyone likes to do and many of us try to start yoga learning by our self-means while staying at home. Initially, we think that learning yoga is not something difficult so let us start it at home. But here I am going to show you certain problems that you may face if you do not get enrolled in a reputed yoga school.

Problems Faced by those Who Practice Yoga without Prior Guidance

1. As I was a newbie in the world of yoga and meditation I never knew how much time should be spent on yoga regularly, so I faced muscular fatigue and pain very soon,

2. One will suffer from back and shoulder pain,

3- You cannot concentrate fully on your meditation until you have learnt meditation technique from any skilled yogi,

4. Learning mindfulness meditation technique is impossible without the support of a yoga guru,

5. You may experience loneliness and spend an isolated life,

6. It becomes difficult for one to spare and manage time for meditation from his busy routine.

Besides the above-mentioned obstacles that fall in the way of those interested in meditating, there are many more as well but these can be overcome if the trainee gets registered with a renowned yoga training centre.

Why Join a Yoga Training School?

Yoga has been proved as the most authentic source of developing a dazzlingly healthy body and soul. Though everyone can practice and learn yoga on its own with the help of different books or internet the actual way of learning yoga is to get registered with a well-reputed yoga school.

answer Jun 19 by Rajashekhara