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What are all the asanas practiced in Yoga and which ones are the most beneficial?

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posted Jun 12, 2018 by Megana

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1 Answer

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Wanting to lose your weight then start with this yoga posture. It encourages you in tummy estimate decrease and makes your spinal rope, lower legs and other body parts solid. It's an anxiety buster as well as gives adaptability to the spine. Generally an entire asana for a legitimate working of organs like kidney, stomach, pancreas, liver and digestion tracts.


Tadasana expands tallness and an incredible back rub to your hands, legs. It likewise smoothes your tummy. So rehearse it everyday morning to begin your day in a vivacious way.


This is a forward bowing stance which makes weight from making a beeline for the toe. Along these lines helps in stature prolongation and pelvic muscles reinforcing that is the reason it is prescribed ladies after pregnancy to decrease gut and increment pregnancy.


Searching for a straightforward yet intense asana at that point, then go for Vajrasana that can be performed before or after dinners. Otherwise called Diamond represent this asana helps heartburn, acridity issues, and blockage. It is additionally useful for joint and back torments, calms stretch and takes the brain back to soundness.


This one has many mending properties like recuperating back torment, sleep deprivation, dim circle, upgrading the facial magnificence and furthermore enhances invulnerability. This asana helps in weight reduction, the legitimate working of liver, pancreas, and so forth if done routinely treats numerous illnesses.

answer Jun 13, 2018 by T.venu Kumar