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How successful is sperm donation in conception? what are the factors majorly influencing it?

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How successful is sperm donation in conception? what are the factors majorly influencing it?

posted Oct 26, 2015 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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--The success rate of sperm donation majorly depends on the woman’s health who is subjected to insemination. Since the sperm is already checked for its vitality and motility, there are very less chances that the conception could have failed due to sperm.

--Like every other Artificial Reproductive Technique, donor insemination also depends majorly on the age of the woman. With increase in the age, fertility keeps decreasing. Women below 35 years of age have the highest success rates, while the rates decrease post 35 with least at 41. Sometimes, donor eggs might have to be used to conceive when the age is 41 or more.

--It also majorly depends on the female factors. If the woman has been diagnosed of PCOS/Endometriosis etc. the chances reduce greatly.

--When administered with ovulatory hormones, the chances of conception increase by closely keeping the track of ovulation and carrying out the process seamlessly.

answer Feb 8, 2016 by Dr Preetam
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The chances of success are high when it come to conception via IVF or through other modes of sperm donation. However there are some biological and health factors that come into play here. The success of the donation thus depends on-

Age and Low Ovarian Reserve

The age of the women is a very crucial factor in this aspect. Women who have low ovarian reserves are ideally the ones who are over the age of 35 years. Hence, in such cases the chances of conception are lower.

Sperm Quality

Another crucial aspect here would be whether the sperm quality is good enough or not. Sperm donors in fertility clinics are tested for the sperm motility and quality rates. Only then is the procedure carried out.

Fertile Health

Yet another vital factor here would be the fertility health of the woman. Along with the age, a lot of other factors come into play here. This includes previous risks of illnesses like endometriosis, failed pregnancies, earlier births, etc. Of course, regular and healthy menstrual cycle makes a difference too.

Use of drugs

In many women, the use of ovulatory stimulating drugs that include Clomiphene or injectable gonadotropins may be provided to the woman. They are known to increase chances of fertility and conception in women.

Uterine receptivity

In some cases, the women’s uterine receptivity or conditions for suitable implantation are low. Their uterus might be considered as hostile in such cases and thus chances of implantation are reduced in such cases.

Along with the above, overall health and lifestyle is highly relevant when it comes to increasing chances of success through sperm donation. Women who heavily smoke or drink are likely to have more trouble.

answer May 3, 2016 by Kiran
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