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I have heard about sperm donation, when will the doctor usually recommend it to his patients?

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I heard about sperm donation recently, when will the doctor usually recommend it to his patients?

posted Oct 26, 2015 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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It is usually recommended when the male faces one of the below issues:
1. Oligospermia, which is the condition characterized by low sperm count per ml of the semen sample.
2. Asthenozoospermia, which is the condition in which sperms are Sluggish or highly immobile
3. Severe deterioration in the quality of the sperm
4. Erectile dysfuntion, where the male has difficulty maintaining the necessary erection for intercourse
5. Ejaculation issues, where the ejaculation is either too early or too late, sometimes retrograde(when semen travels back into the bladder rather than urethra and penis)
6. Previous vasectomy
7. If the male carries any of the genetic disorder that could severely affect the offspring

answer Feb 3, 2016 by William
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Every man wants to have his biological child, but unfortunately in some cases, this cannot happen because of medical constraints and physiological issues. Doctors usually don’t suggest sperm donation procedures to their patients unless they have tried out other alternative methods for insemination. Via the donor process, a syringe is inserted into the women’s vagina to help her in getting pregnant. Here are some instances when the same is suggested-

Low sperm count/ Poor motility

In many cases men suffer from a lower sperm count, which is simply insufficient for conception. In such cases, alternative methods are usually applied before suggesting a donor. Sometimes, the father can also have issues with sperm motility that implies issues with the sperm reaching the cervix and fallopian tube of the women. In particular, if the woman too has a hostile uterine environment, sperm donors are recommended.

Physical and medical problems

Medical problems are often associated with fertility issues in men. This reduces their ability to have a child via natural means and thus they are unable to aid in conception. Such cases include acute cases of cystic fibrosis, any kind of injury or harm to the scrotum and testes related issues.

Erectile Dysfunction

This is one of the most common problems that men tend to suffer from due to stress, anxiety, genetic issues, chromosomal disorders, etc. After trying a variety of measures, if the problem still persists then you can be suggested for donors.

Single women/ same sex partners

Often single mothers or same sex female partners want to have a child and in such cases, the doctors may recommend them to hire donors. In particular, single mothers who want to avoid relationships select this option. Lesbian partners too find it more rewarding to opt for sperm donors and have a natural birth instead of adopting.

answer Apr 13, 2016 by Joseph
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