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How to unstick your weight loss?

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posted Jun 4 by T.venu Kumar

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1 Answer

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Track everything. It doesn’t have to be forever but i find it’s really helpful to have an accurate idea of what you’re eating, how much, how much you’re exercising, and how many calories you’re really taking in.  Sometimes calories are sneaky and if you don’t track, you don’t spot them.

Weigh/measure everything. This doesn’t have to be forever either!  But if you suffer from ‘portion distortion’ it can be beneficial to learn exactly what a serving of protein, starches, and fats look like.  For example, a serving of rice should be ½ a cup.  Who the hell has ever just naturally served and eaten a ½ cup of rice?  Nobody i know!  Before i knew what it looked like, i’d happily throw 3 times that on my plate and if i was eating out i could almost guarantee i’d end up with 4 portions.  And yes, i’d eat it all without a second thought.  So get a good kitchen scale (they aren’t super expensive) and a set of measuring cups and spend some time weighing and measuring everything before you eat it until you get an idea of proper servings.


answer Jun 5 by Rajashekhara