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Natural Home Remedies that lighten skin?

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posted Jun 4, 2018 by Prathibha.m

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1 Answer

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Dried orange peels + yogurt

You can dry the orange peels by placing them under the hot sun until the peels turn dry and crisp. Later, grind the dried peels into powder. Mix a tablespoon of this with a tablespoon of fresh yogurt to make a paste. Then apply this paste over cleansed face and leave it on for about 20 minutes. Repeat this at least thrice in a week for best results.

Tomato + yogurt + oatmeal

This is a potent yet gentle remedy that suits all skin types. All you have to do is to mix a tablespoon of oatmeal with a tablespoon of tomato juice and yogurt each. Mix well until you get a thick paste. Apply this on your face just like you would with your regular face mask and leave it on for 30 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water. You may follow up with a mild skin moisturizer afterwards.

Milk + lemon juice + honey

Milk, lemon and honey, make a magical potion that lightens your skin better than most expensive cosmetic products. Make sure to use the fresh lemon juice for this remedy. Mix a tablespoon of milk and lemon juice each in a bowl. Then, add in a teaspoon of honey. Honey acts as moisturizing agent that balances out the drying property of lemon. Mix these ingredients well and apply over cleansed face. Leave it on for 20 minutes before rinsing off.

answer Jun 5, 2018 by Aleena Alexander
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Honey is an antiviral, antibacterial and anti fungal agent, which has been around for centuries now. Pure, raw and organic honey forms are considered to be the best and provide you with the basis for many kinds of home remedies. Cleopatra swore by it and so can you-

Preventive measures

enter image description here
Honey can be consumed in its authentic form everyday to provide you with a range of health benefits. 2 spoons of honey should be consumed on a daily basis to reduce risks of cancer, aid in digestive symptoms, etc. Along with this honey is also known to be as a preventive agent that helps in delaying the signs of ageing.

For skin

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Honey can be used in innumerable ways for the skin. Along with consumption, you just apply raw honey on the face and massage to combat dry skin issues. If you have oily skin, just add a dash of lime or lemon juice there and massage. Honey helps reduces dark spots, provides nourishment and adds a glow to the face. One can also make a face pack using honey with either fruits or gram flour. For a scrub, mix honey with some rice flour or almond crumbs and exfoliate.

For hair
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If you suffer from dry and brittle hair issues, then honey is your saviour. You can take together equal quantities of honey with olive oil and then massage on scalp and roots. Beyond this, you can also add eggs and lemon juice here or even henna for long and lustrous mane. Honey helps in promoting hair growth, fights infection of the scalp and also reduces dandruff issues. Plus it nourishes the mane from root to tip

For overall health
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Metabolism and weight loss issues. Mix up one spoon of honey with warm water and lemon juice and drink on empty stomach. This is also known as a good solution for treating menstrual health problems especially cramping and irregular menstrual cycles. Beyond this, if you have cough and cold, then mix honey with cinnamon and consume. You can also make a cough syrup at home for the entire family by boiling 1/2 cup honey, apple cider vinegar and some ginger juice. Consume like regular couch syrup.

Finally, use honey as much as you can in foods instead of sugar and enjoy a healthier you!

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