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What are the factors to be kept in mind to while opting for ZIFT?

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What are the factors to be kept in mind to while opting for ZIFT?

posted Oct 26, 2015 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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-- Since the procedure majorly involves inserting the zygote into the fallopian tubes, a scan should be done to check for healthy, unblocked fallopian tubes.

-- The quality of the sperm should also be checked and should be screened for any genetically inherited diseases.

-- Any other defects pertaining to the uterus, like endometriosis, PCOS etc. should be screened and steps should be taken accordingly.

answer Feb 10, 2016 by William
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ZIFT is defined as the zygote intra-fallopian transfer. And if you are opting for this fertility method for conception, there are some crucial points that you should keep in mind here. Being aware of the same would help you in getting in-depth understanding of ZIFT.

First of all this process is identical to IVF, which includes the stimulation of the ovaries, retrieval of eggs and of course fertilization. But the difference here is that embryos are replaced. So the location or placement of the embryos is also vital. Here the embryos get replaced in the uterus, bypassing the fallopian tubes completely. Hence, this gives women with fallopian tube illnesses and medical history a higher chance at conception. In particular, women with open fallopian tubes can make use of this treatment.

The process of the growth of the embryo is natural and since they arrive directly in the uterus, it reduces many other risks. However, health of the women and her uterus is vital. Hence, the younger the mother, the better chance of success. Also, if the woman has issues with uterine systems, a through check up prior to the procedure is recommended. Since embryos are spending less time in the lab, overall health concerns should be addressed before hand too.

Even with regular ovarian function, women over 40 have a lower chance of success. Hence they should consider consultation prior to opting for such treatments. The success rate is much lower with women over 50.

Sperm health is vital in this case because low sperm motility is often the issue for opting for ZIFT. So in case the sperm is healthy otherwise, except for motility issues, this procedure is a sensible option.

Along with this, medical and infertility history should be checked in case some treatments need to be done, prior to implantation.

answer May 5, 2016 by Joseph
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