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What are the reasons to opt for GIFT? What are the factors influencing the rejection to opt this process?

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posted Oct 26, 2015 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Below are few reasons to opt for GIFT:

Ethical and religious beliefs: Since the process of fertilization happens within the human body (like the natural process) as against on the petri dishes, this procedure is preferred by couple who have strong ethical and religious beliefs about the same.

Reasons why couple do not opt this process:

Involvement of surgery: Since this process involves surgery and anesthesia, the risk of surgical pain, scar and infections are the most important reasons to not opt this procedure.

Uncertainty about fertilization: Since only the mixed egg and sperm sample are placed inside fallopian tubes, as against the embryo in IVF and ZIFT, the doctors cannot actually confirm if the fertilization has occurred. Thus until a pregnancy test is taken after two weeks of surgery, any information in fertilization is not available.

Costly and time consuming: A couple of trips to the clinic, for monitoring ovulation, surgery, medications etc. involves in spending up quite a lot of money for the process. Since the fertilization is not confirmed until 2 weeks post-surgery, any failure in fertilization makes whole of the procedure and the wait go in vain.

Risk of multiple births: Since more than one egg and sperm are placed within, there are high chances that multiple fetuses could be developed. This might be advantageous on one side, but the risk of partial abortion, birth defects, miscarriage etc. tend to make this procedure less enticing and reliable.

Ectopic pregnancy: The pregnancy which occurs outside of the uterus, viz, in fallopian tubes. As the gamete mixture is directly inserted into the fallopian tubes, risk of ectopic pregnancy is higher.

answer Feb 15, 2016 by Dr Prachi