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How can the Practice of Yoga be Helpful in Recovery from an Eating Disorder?

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posted May 17 by Nikitha S Prasad

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1 Answer

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Mindfulness is at the core of Yoga therapy, which encourages deeper perception and awareness of oneself, which is often neglected in the throes of an eating disorder.

Research has demonstrated that practising Yoga and meditation can be an effective discipline for integrating the mind and body, improving physical, mental, intellectual, and spiritual health.

Studies have also shown that Yoga can be an effective method of managing and reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and mood-related disorders.

Another research study has found that yoga practice combined with outpatient eating disorder treatment were shown to decrease body image disturbances and psychological symptoms without negatively impacting weight, demonstrating the effectiveness of yoga therapy as a promising adjunct treatment strategy along with the standard multidisciplinary care.

answer May 18 by Mahendra.h.s