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I am quite overweight/anxious/depressed can I still practice yoga?

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posted May 14, 2018 by Nikitha C.n

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1 Answer

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Yes, most definitely! There is something for everyone. You will see that in just a few days, the postures can deepen and become more manageable, and just about every element of a yoga practice can help to reduce weight. The Sun Salutations, (a warming up exercise practised at the beginning of every class,) brings flexibility, increases circulation, nourishes the heart with oxygen-rich blood, and tones and lengthens the bodies’ muscles. The Asanas (Yoga postures) stretch muscles in the body most people didn’t know they had, from the inside out. Asanas improve digestion, relieve depression, constipation, thyroid issues and Asthma, and they can also reduce blood pressure and bring down cholesterol. Relaxation and concentration can bring relief for those suffering from anxiety, stress, ADD and ADHD…the list goes on and on. It is so easy to fall out of balance. Yoga aims to bring it back into your life; be it physically with your weight, mentally with anxiety or emotionally with feelings of depression. Please let us know before you come for your Yoga course if you have any of these feelings or medical conditions so we can discuss your individual needs with you

answer May 15, 2018 by Mahendra.h.s