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When should a couple think of undergoing IVF? what are the factors to be considered before the procedure is done?

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posted Oct 26, 2015 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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A couple could opt for IVF considering the below conditions:

Medical conditions: The couples who have clinically diagnosed the conditions like endometriosis, tubal disease, immunological factors, cervical factor, male factor, ovarian disorders etc. are selected for the treatment.

Failed prior attempts: When other ARTs like IUI have not been able to result in a successful pregnancy.

The most important factors affecting the successful outcome of IVF are:

Age factor: The couple should not have crossed the reproductive age limit. Either in case of donor eggs or eggs of intended mother, the age of woman shouldn’t exceed 45 years.

Substance abuse: Alcohol, narcotics, tobacco or any other illicit drugs shouldn’t be consumed prior to and while undergoing the treatment.

Mental health: The couple should exhibit strong mental health conditions with no past diagnosis of depression, stress or any other severe conditions at least in the past 6 months. An abusive relationship should be subjected to therapy or counseling before the treatment.

Communicable diseases: The couple should be screened for any infectious disease like HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B and C.

Physical health: Obesity could be one important reason for the failure of IVF, thus doctors suggest losing weight prior to the treatment.

answer Jan 19, 2016 by William
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If you are opting for an IVF treatment or considering the same, obviously something is wrong. You might have already got yourself tested along with your partner to check on the problem. And usually when everything else fails to work, IVF is your last resort. The good thing here is the success rate is high. But before you opt for the same, consider these factors-

The first thing to consider here would be your physical health. This includes a complete medical check up, which you would have already undergone. Tiring as it may be - some things are procedural. Also, check for your BMI, which includes both your partner and yours. With obesity risks being higher, your fertility suffers a set back. Underweight women and overweight women are likely to have lower success rates here. Also, bid farewell to smoking and drinking for a bit - why take a chance!

If using your own eggs and sperm, it makes sense to consider your overall medical and physical health. If you are considering donor eggs or sperm then you have to check on their health too. With costs for such procedures being on the higher side, you want to check these things off the list before hand.

And though it is not really given much consideration, your fertility clinic makes a difference too. Check for the rate of success they have, see reviews of previous clients or if you know someone who has tried the same or had a successful IVF from there.

Along with this, you should evaluate age, previous pregnancies and other related issues before opting for IVF. If there is any doubt in your mind, there is always the consultation option available. Being more aware will only give you more control about the treatment you are undergoing thus giving you higher confidence levels.

answer May 5, 2016 by Joseph
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