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What poses should you avoid when you are pregnant? Does it depend on which trimester you are in?

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posted May 10, 2018 by Mahendra.h.s

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1 Answer

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Always consult with your medical professional prior to starting yoga when pregnant.

As your body is growing and changing, it is key to tune into your intuition and move in a way that feels good and right for you. Listen to your body and not your ego – slow down when you’re tired, take breaks as needed, and make sure to hydrate throughout.

In the first trimester, (0 to 12 weeks) nauseous mamas might avoid quick paced yoga classes, and if the thought of moving is overwhelming, meditation and breathwork are perfect.  

In the second trimester, (13 to 27 weeks) or the honeymoon phase, energy and stamina return, your baby bump is in bloom and yoga may feel good again. As baby grows, avoid belly on the ground, backbends, or deep twisting postures.

In the third trimester (28-40+), your baby’s growth compromises space in your body, so look to poses that create space and leave inversions, backbends, and intense abdominal work for after pregnancy and postpartum yoga.

answer May 11, 2018 by Prathibha.m