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What are the benefits of practicing yoga during pregnancy?

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posted May 9 by N.chaithra

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1 Answer

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Yoga is good for you anytime, but especially when pregnant! The asanas, or physical practice of yoga, increase flexibility, balance, and circulation. In class, we focus on postures that strengthen key muscle groups used for supporting mama’s growing belly and baby, birthing, and postpartum healing. We also incorporate meditation and pranayama (breathwork practice) to calm the nervous system and slow the thoughts down to refocus your energy on yourself and the baby.

Another, possibly unexpected benefit of prenatal yoga is a sense of community; Prenatal classes are a sanctuary of sisterhood and community. Practising with other mamas can be a wonderful way to share what you are experiencing during your own pregnancy, and gain a support system.

answer May 10 by Nikitha S Prasad