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Does meditation involve escaping the world?

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posted May 7, 2018 by Y.chandralekha

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1 Answer

0 votes

Some people unwittingly use meditation as a refuge or "spiritual bypass." They escape into meditation to avoid facing or dealing with uncomfortable feelings or challenges.

This is a tricky misstep to detect sometimes, since "peace" or disengagement may appear preferable to (or even "more enlightened" than) the complexity or messiness of dealing with life's challenges.

People who seem detached may be seen as having achieved an enviable distance from life when sometimes they're really just "checked out." If you do this, you may not be attending to things that true meditation would give you the strength to dive into fully and directly.

This approach won't produce the kind of results most people really want. It's not even really meditation.

Real meditation, while it may at times involve the practice of detachment during the practice, won't leave you "above it all" in real life--but instead able to be responsive and clear right here in the trenches of life. It will cultivate steadiness and presence in the face of any circumstance, without being disengaged in an unproductive way.

answer May 8, 2018 by Megana