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When should a couple choose to opt IUI?

0 votes
posted Oct 26, 2015 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

• The male partner has problems like decreased sperm motility and count.
• The female partner has an ovulation disorder and has been unable to get pregnant with only the ovulation-inducing fertility drugs
• Inability to have vaginal intercourse due to physical disability.
• A sperm wash is required to decrease the chances of passing on the diseased traits like HIV to either the partner or the child.
• The male partner has ejaculation problems.
• The couple is using donor sperm in order to conceive.
• Mild endometriosis, which is the condition of unusual growth of uterus tissue (endometrium) across ovaries and fallopian tubes where it normally shouldn’t grow.
• Unexplained infertility.

answer Jan 19, 2016 by William