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Do you have to be a vegan, eat only rawfood and drink green tea to be a yogi? Is there a special yoga-diet?

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posted Apr 16, 2018 by N.yogetha

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1 Answer

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Congratulations, you can eat everything you like and still be a yogi. There is no such ting as a yoga diet, you can eat what you want – you can even drink or smoke if this is something you prefer doing.
The beautiful thing with yoga is
this when your practice becomes deeper, and your body awareness stronger, you will also become more sensitive to what you feed yourself with, and what you do to your body.  One day you may realize you don’t need the cigarettes anymore, or that your stomach doesn’t like meat, or maybe that gluten makes your belly bloated. You will realize what suits you and what not, and you will make up a perfect diet that nourishes your body in the best way. Whether its vegan or raw food or fast food.

answer Apr 17, 2018 by N.chaithra