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Do meditation is just as important as practicing the Asanas?

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posted Apr 2 by N.chaithra

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1 Answer

0 votes

Overall, yes, if not more so.

I also think they are like equal branches on a healthy tree. Certainly, training and freeing the mind is the deepest frontier, but the mind is dependant on the Prana, and Prana is influenced by the body. When our body and energy are in equilibrium, we have more potential for an equanimity of mind with which to develop true knowledge of our Authentic Nature. I do feel that an integrated practice involves this 3 pronged understanding of the interdependence between the body, energy, and the heart/mind. The Tantric Indians and Tibetans have emphasized this in their practices for centuries and for me, this is vitally important as I am interested in inhabiting a fully embodied path to freedom.

However, a yogic path is not dependant on a fully functioning body, as inner yoga is possible whatever the state of the body. At whatever level of ability we have to move, we can utilize poses for added enhancement, but even more important to me is the possibility of having a free and beautiful mind.

answer Apr 3 by Megana