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I was on pills, now I want to become pregnant – what should I do?

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posted Oct 24, 2015 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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After having taken the decision of having a baby, a strong question keeps lingering in mind as to, how would the contraception affect the time required for conception. The various contraception methods include condoms, birth control pills, patches, IUDs etc.

Condoms, IUDs and patches do not have a longer waiting time and can induce pregnancy as soon as one stops using them, but birth control pills have a slightly longer shelf life within the body contributing to a longer waiting time compared to other methods.

Birth control pills are a mixture of estrogen and progesterone which act by preventing the development of eggs, thereby hindering pregnancy. The normal functioning of the menstrual cycle involves ovulation which induces the menstrual bleeding if fertilization doesn’t happen. In this case, the levels of hormones are monitored in order to induce the menstrual bleeding every month. Thus, a woman has a normal 28 days cycle.

When the pills are stopped, the body might require some time to start producing hormones naturally and regulate the menstrual cycle. Thus it is advisable to finish the pack of your monthly dose and help body resume the normal rhythm. If the pills are stopped abruptly, it might induce bleeding which is irregular and unpredictable.

Most women need 1-3 months to resume their normal cycles and produce ovaries. Some women take up to 9 months to regain their normal menstrual cycles, condition called temporary amenorrhea. Once the normal cycles are back, one can plan accordingly and expect to have a baby soon.

answer Mar 2, 2016 by William