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Does excessive physical activity interfere with pregnancy?

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posted Oct 24, 2015 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Exercise plays a vital role in planning and during pregnancy. If a woman has been exercising even before the pregnancy, she can continue doing the same- while making sure she is not exerting herself. If no exercise has been practiced before pregnancy, this could be the right time to begin with simpler ones and continue doing the same.

However, it is necessary to ‘listen’ to the slight variations your body shows during pregnancy while exercising. Since there is a continuous supply of the hormone Relaxin during pregnancy, any problems related to joints because of exercising are not prevalent.

Some of the exercises not suggested are:
Contact sports – Football, volleyball, wrestling, martial arts etc. which involve direct physical contact with the opponent, bring with them the evident risks of injury.
Skiing and scuba diving – Since these sports involve variations in water/air pressure and oxygen levels, the fetus will not be able to bear the variations caused by the same.
Weight lifting – Since this exerts a lot of compression on abdominal area, heavy weight lifting is not recommended. However, other optimal abdominal exercises support not just the fetus growth but also ensure easy labor and delivery.
Deep muscle and joint movement exercise – Like squats, lunges etc.

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answer Mar 9, 2016 by Dr Preetam