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What is Fleece & Advantages of Fleece?

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What is Fleece?

Fleece is a miraculous product, which is entirely human-made. Despite being called the name ‘fleece’ after the unmistakable fur coat on the sheep, the fleece definition dictates that the material is completely synthetically made and is derived from plastic materials rather than a warm and fluffy sheep’s coat. The main feature of this material is that it is extremely fuzzy to the touch. This ultra-soft, warm, and breathable magic material makes it perfect for winter outerwear and assists you in keeping all things chill and cozy.The easiest answer to what is fleece is that it is a synthetic material that looks and feels like a fur coat on sheep. It is extremely versatile, comes in a lot of color options, and can be paired with almost anything. With fleece jackets and inner layer options like fleece shirts, fleece pullovers, fleece hoodies, and fleece knitted sweaters, your winter will be colorful, stylish, and warm.

Advantages of Fleece

With the winter rapidly approaching, the advantages of fleece are huge. Due to the material’s warm and cozy texture, it is favored by people of all ages and genders to keep them safe and provide them a shelter from the storms. Despite being warm and furry, the material is extremely lightweight and easy to carry. According to fleece definition, this material is made with tight-knit polyester fibers, which ultimately prove to be lightweight but efficient even below zero degree celsius temperatures.

Wear Resistance

The fleece meaning is hidden in its usability. This material, made from the finest polyester fibers, is great for colder temperature. Due to its material, fleece jackets also prove to be effectively water-resistant. Not that you would want to wear your comfy jacket in the heavy rains, but it is very effective in sliding off the water caused by low temperatures, which keeps the cold from getting to you. This feature is extremely important if you love the mountains and are planning for a hike or two. Fleece jackets like this stretch fleece long sleeve full zip hoodie will make for a great outer or even inner layer in icy cold treks or winter campfire outings. It can take a little drizzle and will make sure that you are safe and comfortably dry and warm inside!

Dries Quickly

Due to its material origin, fleece tends to shed moisture easily. While materials like wool, cotton, and corduroy take a long time to dry, the fleece wins all the prizes. Its micro fibers made of polyesters shed the water out quickly and easily, and you can wear them almost every day. For the adventurous and the wild ones, fleece offers effective solutions in geographical landscapes with varying temperatures and weather. Comfy clothes made with fleece like this micro fleece set for men or a fleece for women that will keep you warm, fashionable, and dry. These outerwear options not only dry quickly but also can be paired easily with thousands of bottom wear options in your wardrobe.

Cost Effective

As the fleece meaning describes, fleece is a human-made synthetic material. Apart from being extremely stylish and ‘in’ right now, it is also very cost-effective. While wool and fur can cost a lot to purchase, maintain, and repair if needed, fleece is highly approachable and low maintenance. Fleece clothing items like this women’s knitted fleece high neck long sleeve tunic or men’s fluffy yarn fleece long sleeve pullover shirt will keep you warm and comfy without burning a hole in your pocket.

Increased Comfort

As we saw in the fleece definition, fleece is an extremely warm yet lightweight winter wear option. The knitting of this material is specialized in delivering heavy-duty warmth without feeling the weight of it. Unlike other winter wear materials like wool or fur, wearing a fleece jacket or inner layers like a shirt or pullover will not feel heavy or stuffy. The comfort of fleece lies in its breathable simplicity. Options like this women’s windproof fluffy yarn fleece full zip hoodie or men’s wool blend fleece jacket will provide you with ultimate protection as well as comfort without compromising on style or mobility.

Easy to Clean

Unlike the traditional winter jackets and sweaters, which need to be cleaned and dry cleaned and dusted and washed and softened and processed before every winter, fleece is a material that is extremely easy to clean and use. Its lightweight and microfibers make the task of cleaning it much easier than any other materials. Due to its quick-drying and water-resisting qualities, fleece is as good as a pick and wear option in winter wears. Low maintenance wear like this men’s fleece long sleeve full zip jacket or women’s smooth yarn fleece collarless jacket can make your life easy and stylish at the same time.

Sportswear: Between Fashion, Innovation and Sustainability

The general editors of Fashion Practice, Sandy Black and Marilyn Delong, would like to extend their sincere thanks to the guest co-editors of this special issue focused on a range of historical, social, technical and design perspectives in sportswear and functional textiles: Mette Bielefeldt Bruun, head of the Næstved Museum, Museum Southeast Denmark is an art historian specializing in design, and Michael A. Langkjær, of the Saxo Institute, University of Copenhagen is a historian specialized in fashion and costume history.

posted Apr 19 by Bop12mo

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What are the advantages of acrylic bottles?

A good product must have good packaging. There are many packaging forms in our market, and today I will talk about the packaging of the acrylic bottle in the packaging.
It is a material that combines the two properties of plastic bottles and glass bottles in our previous bottle packaging. It provides an effective guarantee for the rapid development of our packaging industry, and also fills in the gap that some products in the domestic packaging industry cannot be packaged. It can basically meet the needs of the domestic market, and some products are still exported. One of the major advantages of this pressure bottle material is that it can be further processed. The previous bottle packaging would not be based on customer requirements, but this acrylic bottle can now meet this requirement, as long as you can think of it, we can now complete it.
Acrylic packaging bottles for cosmetic containers have good transparency, light transmittance of more than 92%, good anti-aging performance, and can be used at ease outdoors. Acrylic packaging bottles have a wide range of varieties, rich colors, and good comprehensive performance. Provides diversified options, which can be dyed, and the surface can be painted, silk screened or vacuum coated.


Acrylic bottle is actually an organic material that combines acrylic and methacrylic materials. This material not only functions as a glass bottle but also a plastic bottle. It embodies the functions of both On the pressure bottle, its effect is also very obvious. It has good transparency, more aging resistance than ordinary bottles, light weight, strong resistance to chipping, and good insulation. The important thing is that it is resistant to corrosive things such as acids and alkalis. The shape can also be processed to become beautiful. If it is used in the field of cosmetics, it would be suitable, and its production has been well represented nationwide.
In the field of cosmetic bottle packaging, cosmetic plastic containers and acrylic bottles are widely used in the packaging of high-end creams, lotions and other cosmetics, and are well received by the market. Acrylic bottle not only has the characteristics of plastic: drop resistance, light weight, easy coloring, easy processing, low cost, etc., but also has the characteristics of glass bottle with beautiful appearance and high-quality texture. It allows cosmetics manufacturers to use the cost of plastic bottles to obtain the appearance of glass bottles, but also has the advantages of resistance to falling and easy to transport.


Impact of Shower Products

So how big is our plastics problem in our bathrooms? For context, in the United States alone, 550 million empty shampoo bottles are thrown away each year. This figure does not include conditioner, body wash, or other bathing products -just shampoo bottles. Compounding this problem is the fact that only a fraction of these bottles are recycled. Instead, most end up directly into our rubbish bins. Most people don’t keep separate recycling bins in their bathroom, so empty plastic containers from the bathroom tend to miss out on recycling. With the average American using 11 bottles of shampoo a year, these large, bulky plastic containers are a significant contributor to many households’ annual waste.


In the United States alone, 550 million empty shampoo bottles are thrown away each year.

Shampoo or Bottle of Water?

Would you like some shampoo with your bottle of water? Yes, you read that correctly - the majority of your shampoos and conditioners are water, with only about 10% being actual products. When cleaning products changed from solid bars to liquids, water was added and thus creating the need to be stored in a plastic container. While shampoo bottles are not quite single-use plastic bottles, they are not far off.


In addition to the plastic waste produced by the bottles, the increased carbon footprint also needs to be considered. Larger and heavier bottles that need to be shipped create a bigger carbon footprint than lighter weight smaller bars and solid products.


These shower gel bottles and shampoo bottles are made entirely of soap for a zero waste alternative.




We are all looking for brilliant solutions to fight plastic pollution. A Berlin-based product designer came up with the concept of a zero waste soap bottle as a clever alternative to the plastic ones. Plastic pollution is indeed a serious matter and it’s actually one of the biggest environmental issues of our time. Some food brands are embracing the use of eco-friendly packaging alternatives such as paper packaging and banana leaves. But we can’t say the same for toiletries and cosmetic products. Every year, an individual uses 11 bottles of shower gel and 10 bottles of shampoo on average. And where do these plastic bottles end up? Most of them end up on landfills and can blow away so, they make their way to drains and they even clutter rivers and the ocean.


In order to reduce the harmful accumulation of plastic waste in the environment, Jonna Breitenhuber created a new kind of bottle. This ingenious packaging is entirely made of soap that can hold liquid such as shower gel and shampoo. And when you’ve used up its content, you can use the bottle as a body soap or detergent. No waste.




A customised creation in hand wash bottles


Companies seeking even greater stand-out shelf appeal for their hand wash turn to Robinson for its innovative and diligent approach to manufacturing custom-made packaging.


With our heritage in plastic packaging, we are trusted to transform designs, bringing them to market with speed of execution, and being highly responsive in integrating new technologies into existing processes. Our expert team have either worked closely with or in FMCGs and other leading brands. It’s this in-depth understanding of the needs of large companies, married with our agility as a smaller business, that means we are impressively fast paced in helping our customers sprint to market.


One example of our custom creations is our 500ml hand wash PET bottle with pump. While it is produced at our Minsk plant in Poland, one of the benefits of our European-wide operation is that we can draw on support as and when needed from our design and technical teams in Europe and the UK.


As is the case with all our customers’ projects, we applied robust project management to the entire process, from stakeholder meetings to discuss the initial concept, to regular consultation and the creation of a range of solutions to put to key decision makers.


Opting for a single-stage injection stretch blow moulding (ISBM) process enabled the creation of a highly attractive bottle, incorporating perfectly rounded contours.


ISBM is primarily used to manufacture products where uniform shape or wall thickness is particularly important. It combines the benefits of two technologies in one: the highest neck precision which can be partnered with blow moulding’s extensive possibilities in shaping. It also ensures high breakage resistance and is a process comparatively low in cost.

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Why Superabrasives?

Super abrasives are tools used in precision grinding. Superabrasive materials attach to a wheel to make Superabrasive grinding wheels. The reason some abrasives are Superabrasives is due to their extraordinary hardness, unparalleled performance, and longevity.


Abrasives that belong to the Superabrasive family includes,Industrial diamonds: an industrial diamond is a non-gem quality small diamond that is for abrasives, cutting, and drilling tools.

Cubic boron nitride (CBN): Usually called CBN it is the second hardest cutting tool material after a diamond.

Polycrystalline: Is an abrasive material that has a multiple collection of crystal grain structures with individual orientations

CVD Diamond: These are synthetic diamonds made by a process known as chemical vapor deposition.CVD diamonds grow from a hydrocarbon gas mixture. They are extremely hard, have a high thermal conductivity that is five times that of copper. They also have broadband optical transparency, are chemically inert, and only reach graphitization at very high temperatures.

Nanodiamonds: These tiny diamonds are the product of a controlled explosion. Sometimes called a detonation nanodiamond (DND) or an ultradispersed diamond, as this is how they form.


A great number of industries use Superabrasive grinding wheels and the coated abrasives subsection of the abrasives industry continues to grow. Industries that are prime buyers of Superabrasive grinding wheels are:






Oil Industry


The advantages of Superabrasive grinding wheels are more than extraordinary hardness, unparalleled performance, and longevity. These three features of Superabrasives are the core of many advantages manufacturers gain by an aggregation of services that normal abrasives simply cannot deliver.

These include,

Less expensive tooling and fixturing costs

More wheels on the spindle, smaller wheels, multiple operations

Less floor space needed for manufacturing

Virtual elimination of wheel wear

Automated CNC machines, less labor intensive operations requiring less training

Consistent surface speed from part to part

Better overall throughput with fewer machines needed

Improved Material Removal Rates, Lower Per Part Abrasive Costs and higher speeds

With Superabrasives, production increased by automated CNC equipment, industries have found one way to compensate for the lack of availability of skilled labor. With fewer machines needed, so is fewer workers. With Superabrasives CNC, automation is more concerned with defining a manufacturing process using machine capabilities and mechanization. There is less concern on operator technique. A properly defined process, combined with automatic loaders make for equipment that is almost running itself.


Future growth of the abrasives industries will primarily be in Superabrasives. Currently, research and development of Superabrasives are taking place in the following areas:

Custom designed “hard to grind”? materials in an increasing number of industries

Creep or deep feed grinding

High-speed, high-performance grinding of hardened steel

Form grinding, sometimes with electroplating, in high precision, high-removal, and high-surface quality applications

CNC-control of line grinding machines

In a nanotwinned crystalline structure, neighboring atoms share a boundary, the way neighboring apartments do. And like some apartments, the twins mirror each other. Typically, to make a substance harder, scientists decrease the size of the grains, which makes it harder for anything to puncture it — small grains equals less space between them for any point to enter. But the process hit a wall: in anything smaller than about 10 nm, inherent defects or distortions are nearly as big as the grains themselves, and thus weakens the structure.

But the nanotwinning also makes substances harder to puncture, and in the case of boron nitride, maintained that characteristic strength at sizes averaging about 4 nm, explains Tian. And as a bonus, the cubic boron nitride was stable at high temperatures as well.

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Around 5 trillion plastic bags worldwide are consumed every year. Let’s break that down. Five trillion plastic bags per year means:


160,000 plastic bags per second

700 plastic bags consumed per person

Around 500 billion plastic bags in the ocean (based on the estimation that 10% of plastic waste becomes ocean plastic)

Plastic bags are lightweight and cheap to produce, making them a popular choice among businesses and supermarkets. However, they’re non-biodegradable, fragile (even the long-lasting plastic bags have a short life), and they’re made from nonrenewable resources. These shortcomings mean that plastic bags are littering our landfills and oceans, killing our wildlife, and becoming a plight to the land.


The thing is that, even though we know how bad plastic bags can be, it’s hard to find a suitable substitute. As we seek out possible material alternatives for shopping bags, we should consider bamboo.


What are bamboo bags?

Bamboo bags are bags that are made from a textile using bamboo fiber. It’s created by pulping the bamboo—turning it into mush—and separating bamboo fibers from that mush. Once separated, the fibers can be spun into yarn which is then woven into fabric. The fabric can then be used for shopping bags, backpacks, garment bags, and other items that require durable fabric.


Bamboo bags are becoming a popular choice among businesses and shoppers for two main reasons: they look nice, and they’re produced in an eco-friendly way. But bamboo bags offer so much more than that. The textile resulting from bamboo is a fantastic material that offers many unique benefits.


What are the benefits of bags made from bamboo material?


Bamboo bags have several benefits on individual, social, and environmental levels.


It starts with the production of bamboo. Bamboo grows quickly, which makes it abundant and inexpensive. Unlike other plants and trees, bamboo requires no pesticides, it increases soil quality and decreases soil erosion, it requires low water use, and it boasts high CO2 absorption and high oxygen release. As a natural resource, Bamboo is one of the few plants that can actually make a positive difference in its cultivation.


Once turned into a textile, bamboo offers plenty of advantages. Bamboo fabrication are naturally durable, biodegradable, and produce a soft material that’s optimal for shopping bags.


Compared to cotton, bamboo yields 50x more fiber. It’s also more environmentally friendly to cultivate, it’s cleaner, and it’s economical. When it comes to reusable grocery bags, bamboo offers a shrewd choice.


Disadvantages of bamboo as a textile

Nothing comes without its disadvantages. As you decide which type of reusable bag you want your company to invest in, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons.


While the bamboo fabric is cleaner, more environmentally friendly, and more durable than many other textiles, it is more difficult to care for. It’s inadvisable to machine wash bamboo fabric; the liquid detergent and the fact that the fabric will sit in water for a long period of time both serve to break down the textile and reduce its lifespan. It’s highly recommended, therefore, that owners carefully follow the cleaning instructions that come with their bamboo product.


Although bamboo bags can be washed—you may gently hand wash them or have them dry cleaned—they do require more care than other reusable bag options. However, this is a small price to pay for a good-looking, durable, and eco-friendly bag.


BK Bamboo bags

The bamboo bags offered by BK Bags offer all of the benefits of fabric made from bamboo: they’re eco-friendly, durable, and biodegradable.


The bamboo is sourced from China—the largest producer and exporter of bamboo—ensuring that the materials come from a place where bamboo is in abundance. With all of our products, we pay close attention to their production to verify that they truly help minimize our environmental footprints.


Bamboo bags are clean, aesthetically pleasing, and ethically sourced. They offer many of the advantages of plastic bags without befouling our oceans and waterways. As you consider which plastic alternative you want to invest in, take a closer look at bamboo.

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