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What is a shopping cart?

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What is a shopping cart?

Definition: A shopping cart on an online retailer's site is a piece of software that facilitates the purchase of a product or service. It accepts the customer's payment and organizes the distribution of that information to the merchant, payment processor and other parties.

Why shopping carts are important

Shopping carts bridge the gap between shopping and buying, so having the best shopping cart software is extremely important on your website.

It's likely that those just starting out in the market may be unfamiliar with the concept. Most people, especially those in the ecommerce industry, have likely made a purchase online at some point in their lives. That said, most consumers don't fully realize the need and capability that shopping carts have (besides leading a customer to checkout). A cart typically has three common aspects:

It stores product information

It's a gateway for order, catalog and customer management

It renders product data, categories and site information for user display

Another way to look at things is as follows: The online shopping cart is similar to the tangible ones we use at the supermarket, but it wears many more hats. It's also the shelves, the building, the clearance sign, the cash register and often the credit card machine relaying information back to the bank.

What options are there?

For those seriously considering the ecommerce platform route, it's important to know that there are two basic types of carts:

Hosted shopping carts: A third-party firm "hosts" the solution and is responsible for server backups, maintenance and upgrades. The beauty of a hosted solution is that hosting comes free, which means it doesn't cost anything for the third party to keep your site functional on the Web. The main drawback with hosted solutions is that customers will be directed to another domain for payment processing.

Licensed shopping carts: This type of solution allows business owners to build their own type of cart and customize it to their specific needs. There is much greater flexibility in changing features and functionality, as well as in adding third-party tools if need be. However, the upfront costs are often higher and require more hands-on expertise for troubleshooting issues and technical support.

Hosted solutions are often recommended for those who are beginning their own venture because they require less technical expertise. That's not to say all new online retail store owners aren't adept in IT, but a hosted solution may free up time to focus on other aspects of operations. There are numerous providers of shopping cart software on the market today, and companies must first evaluate their individual needs before making a final decision on which solution is best for them.

The Best Stair Climbing Carts for Moving Heavy Loads

Between struggling with arm loads of grocery bags to lifting heavy luggage, hauling things up the stairs can take a lot out of you. Stair climbing carts are designed to roll weighty loads up the stairs, and can come especially in handy when you’re moving—rather than carrying up one box at a time, you can stack them on the cart and roll them up at once.

These trolleys have triple-sided wheels that allow the cart to climb over the rise of each step, roll forward, and then ascend the next one. The best stair climbing cart options have a comfortable and sturdy handle, so rolling it up the stairs won’t strain your hand. Shoppers should consider the trolley size that will suit their needs, along with weight capacity.

Our Top Picks

This guide narrows down the market to present recommendations for top-performing stair climbing carts.

The winkeep Super Loading Stair Climber Cart is a lightweight, sturdy aluminum shopping cart, and you may be surprised by its weight capability: this trolley is capable of handling 220 pounds of cargo. The cart only weighs only 8.8 pounds, so you can tote more purchases, moving boxes, or whatever you plan on carrying. The cart can be used as a standard hand truck for larger boxes or heavier objects. This winkeep model comes with a waterproof large capacity travel bag that can be attached to the trolley. Its padded handle makes pushing or pulling the cart comfortable and easy.

The Super Loading Stair Climber Cart features rubberized back tri-wheels that roll smoothly over curbs, cobblestones, up flights of stairs, or through mud and sand. A stable front stand prevents the loaded cart from toppling over while standing. For added security, winkeep includes an adjustable bungee cord to secure your possessions to the trolley.The entire cart folds flat for easy storage and is quite compact. Comfortable to move on a variety of terrains and capable of pulling groceries, laundry, or boxes, the Winkeep cart will make your trek up the stairs easier.

Finding a cart that won’t take up a ton of space in your home can be difficult. If you’re parking your cart in the garage it may not matter, but when space is at a premium, the fold-flat capability of the dBest Stair Climber Trolley will come in handy. If you’re satisfied with a carrying capacity of 110 pounds, this cart is definitely worth considering. Attaching the large weatherproof bag adds seven compartments, including a large central compartment, front flap for small items, and a mesh beverage sleeve.

We thought we'd put together a few of our best golf trolley accessories and links

Your round can only get better with some accessories to pimp your golf trolley! These days most brands have created an accessory line specifically geared towards bespoke customisation so whether you’re looking for something aesthetically pleasing like umbrella holders, hand warmers or even cup holders to hold your beer (depending on how your round is going).

Umbrella Holder Golf Trolley Accessories

Nobody likes getting wet on their round, add a golf trolley holder to your trolley and take the hassle out of carrying around your brolly. It can also shield you from the 3 or 4 sunny days we get a year.

This Powakaddy umbrella holder can be adjusted to fit most shapes and sizes of umbrellas. The bottom of the holder features clamps that can be clamped over your trolley handle, so it should fit on most trolleys. Please make sure you check on the site link before making a purchase.

The Powakaddy Push Cart Umbrella Holder will keep you and your clubs dry on a rainy day and shaded on a sunny day.

Hand Warmers – Motocaddy Hot Mitts

The Motocaddy Hot Mitts are the best best golf trolley accessories for those who always get cold hands in winter. The dreaded feeling of ice-cold fingers will never be a problem when you have these hot gloves keeping them warm and cosy, with an easy to use plug that attaches right onto your trolley handle! These heaters come on 3 settings so they can accommodate any golfer’s needs – there is sure to be one perfect for everyone!

USB Powered

Adjustable Heat Settings

Easy Control

Compatible With 28V M-Series Trolley with USB Port

Compatible with Motocaddy Power Bank

Shopping Carts are seen in almost every retail store in the United States. Whether you are at a Grocery Store, Clothing Outlet, or a Shopping Center, chances are, you use a shopping cart more often than you realize. Shopping Carts are used and abused daily. Shopping Cart Wheels are exposed to extremely harsh environments from rolling over gravel, hitting curbs, extreme hot and cold elements from being left outside, and even corrosive weather and rain. Due to the repetitive, abusive environments, these wheels and casters can take a beating and tend to wear much faster than most other casters and wheels. Being a large Caster and Wheel manufacturer and wholesale distributor, we've seen many grocery cart repair companies attempt to purchase the cheapest grocery cartwheels to make a quick profit. This is a reason why many grocery cartwheels fail after a short period of time. Quality is the utmost important factor and should always come first over shopping cart casters and wheels.

We have seen the frustration when rolling a cart, and the wheel locks up or refuses to roll. This is why Caster Headquarters only sells the highest quality Shopping Cart Casters and Wheels. Our goal is to eliminate the lower-quality grocery cartwheels that have taken over the industry. The leading manufacturer in Shopping Cart casters and Wheels is P&H Casters. We have teamed up with PH Casters to provide the highest quality shopping cart casters in the industry. What separates a P&H Caster shopping cartwheel from the generic brands in the industry is 5 decades or half a century of quality control and testing to make the perfect wheel to endure the harshest environments. These wheels were made to last and perform from the special polyurethane material on the tread combined with dual quad x precision bearings. This wheel is made to outperform any other shopping cart wheel in the industry.

posted Apr 8 by Bop05mo

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Americans go through hundreds of billions of plastic bags each year. In an effort to curb the number of Soft Bags being used once and then thrown away, cities around the world have instituted bans or taxes on plastic bags. But are paper or reusable bags much better for the environment? Science shows that there is not a clear answer.


Plastic Bags

A major advantage of plastic bags is that, when compared to other types of shopping bags, producing them carries the lowest environmental toll. The thin, plastic grocery store bags are most commonly made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Although production of these bags does use resources like petroleum, it results in less carbon emissions, waste, and harmful byproducts than cotton or paper bag production. Plastic bags are also relatively sturdy and reusable. Many of the studies about different bagging options that show plastic bags production demands less resources assume plastic bags are used at least twice—once coming home and once as a trash bag—and factor this into the calculations about which bags are more sustainable.

Plastic Duffle Bags are recyclable, though few people recycle them. Recycling plastic bags is a difficult task; they fly away in the recycling plant and get stuck in machinery. Because of this, many cities do not offer curbside recycling for plastic bags. Instead, large-scale retailers offer bag recycling services. However, these services are dependent on the consumer bringing the plastic bags back to the store.

Bags that are not recycled end up becoming litter, because they do not biodegrade. In addition to filling up landfills and becoming eyesores, plastic bags that become litter endanger many facets of the environment, including marine life and the food chain. This is because plastic bags, like all plastic materials, eventually break up into microscopic pieces, which scientists refer to as microplastics. Microplastics have been found nearly everywhere: in marine animals, farmland soil, and urban air.

Though scientists have only just begun studying the consequences of microplastic proliferation, and we do not yet know their effect on animals, humans, and the environment, scientists are concerned about how this level of plastic pollution could change our planet. The studies that found plastic bags to be less harmful to the environment than paper and reusable bags did not take effects of litter into account and instead assumed that the plastic bags would be recycled or used as trash bags.


Paper Bags

Paper bags have some advantages over plastic bags when it comes to sustainability. They are easier to recycle, and, because they are biodegradable, they can be used for purposes like composting. However, paper is very resource-heavy to produce: Manufacturing a paper bag takes about four times as much energy as it takes to produce a plastic bag, plus the chemicals and fertilizers used in producing paper bags create additional harm to the environment.

Studies have shown that, for a paper Flight Bag to neutralize its environmental impact compared to plastic, it would have to be used anywhere from three to 43 times. Since paper bags are the least durable of all the bagging options, it is unlikely that a person would get enough use out of any one bag to even out the environmental impact.

Still, the fact that paper is recyclable helps lessen its impact. In 2018, 68.1 percent of paper consumed in the United States was recovered for recycling, a percentage that has been rising in the last decade. However, because paper fibers become shorter and weaker each time the recycling process takes place, there is a limit to how many times paper can be recycled.


Reusable Bags

Reusable bags are made from many different materials, and the environmental impact of producing those materials varies widely. One study from the United Kingdom (UK) found that, regarding bag production, cotton Cooler Bags have to be reused 131 times before they reduce their impact on climate change to the same extent as plastic bags. To have a comparable environmental footprint (which encompasses climate change as well as other environmental effects) to plastic bags, a cotton bag potentially has to be used thousands of times. Materials other than cotton, however, perform much better in sustainability metrics. Nonwoven polypropylene (PP) is another popular option. Made from a more durable kind of plastic, these bags need to be reused around eleven times to break even with the impact of conventional plastic.

In addition to varying widely in their eco-friendliness, there is the chance that reusable bags go unused, because consumers have to remember to bring the bags with them to the store. The biggest positive of reusable Waist Bags is that their use cuts down on the amount of litter on land and in the ocean. Studies have found that bans on plastic bags in cities in the United States and Europe have decreased the amount of plastic litter in nearby waters.


If you are going on a trip soon, it’s important to bring with you the right luggage. If you have never bought luggage before, make sure to check the list below for the things you should look for when buying new Hard Luggage Sets.

Not a lot of people think that customer service is important when you are looking for a luggage set, but it can play an important part on whether you will actually recommend the product. You want to be able to talk to someone when you have questions about the product that you bought after all. Especially if you bought from a more expensive brand. Ask for their phone line or even an email. Most businesses that have been around for a while will have these. Aside from their customer service, make sure that your luggage comes with a guarantee. This will ensure that in case the bag gets damaged, you can get it repaired.

With any investment you want to make, you want to make sure that it will be around for a long time. You might not expect ABS Luggage Sets from chain stores to last you long, but if you are planning to invest in more expensive brands, it’s important that they will be durable. You can read through some online reviews to see what customers have to say about the bags they bought. Every aspect of the luggage should be durable. Do your research on what the most durable materials are. If you are a frequent traveler and you know that there will be wear and tear, make sure to choose a material that will be able to withstand all that travel. Even the small parts should be durable, most especially the zippers and the wheels. Can you imagine how inconvenient it would be to luggage around a suitcase that has a broken wheel?


No two trips are the same. An overnight trip to a hotel will not require the same luggage as a three day trip out of town. So it is inevitable that you will need several types of luggage for whatever trip you will be making. It is a good thing that you can invest in Soft Luggage Sets instead of just buying one piece of luggage at a time. When canvassing which ones you should buy, make sure that you will get different varieties of luggage so that you won’t need to make another trip to the store. You should have luggage that you can bring for an overtrip and big, sturdy luggage with wheels that you can bring for your trip abroad. You might also need other types like a laptop bag or even a toiletry kit.

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