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posted Nov 19 by Sophia David

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Report on the passage of industrial practice. On your part, in addition to, of course, hard work in an organization for which you can establish yourself as a future employee, you will need to pay someone to write my paper or a report on the practice, which must be submitted to the department. It will be very good if you keep a practice diary. In it, you must reflect a number of things:

  1. The place where you did your internship, i.e., an organization that is the base of practice for you;
  2. Description of each day of work. It is worth writing here with what feeling you came to your workplace, what tasks were entrusted to you, what information were given;
  3. Description of how easily you accepted these tasks, how you looked for the optimal solution mechanism, what feelings and emotions you experienced;
  4. Tell us about the progress of the assignment, possible discrepancies with the original plan or your expectations that inevitably appear in the course of the work. It is also worth noting what resources you needed and useful, and where you needed the help of colleagues;
  5. In clear descriptions of production processes, it is worth making some "lyrical digressions". Here you can write how quickly and easily you fit into the team, the organization of the company, the relationships that have developed in it;
  6. Editors from will help you with all activities;
  7. At the end of the description of all days, you need to summarize. How successful was this practice for you, have you grown professionally, do your ideas about the profession coincide with what you saw in practice?


Practice report structure


What does the field practice report consist of? Of course, the practice diary is quite important, but the practice report is even more important. It has a well-defined structure:

  1. The title page, on which is written, firstly, the full name of your educational institution, and secondly, the type of work (ie "Report on internship in ... (name of the company)"). After that, you need to indicate your full surname, first name and patronymic, as well as who is the head of the practice from the enterprise and who will accept work in the educational institution.
  2. An introduction in which it is necessary to describe the company in which the internship took place, briefly its history, as well as the position in which the internship took place, its goals and objectives of the internship. Literary sources used in the work should also be indicated.
  3. The theoretical part, which should contain a more complete story about the organization, its employees, your responsibilities.
  4. The practical part in which you write what position you held and what day-to-day responsibilities you performed.
  5. The conclusion in which you formulate your impressions of the practice, the difficulties that you had to face, and the skills gained.
  6. List of used literary sources.
  7. Attachments where you can include examples of your own documents.


Of course, here we have given a fairly complete description of what practice is and how to report on it, but still you can get more complete information from and the methodological manual that should be published at your faculty / institute. It is this that is the ultimate truth.


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Here are some satisfactory essay themes that you can use without looking for assistance from your seniors or companions.

  • Should Students get restricted admittance to the Internet?
  • It ought to be unlawful to pass on and sell tobacco. These essays interface with the educators to check out the students capacity to battle a point. Also, certain individuals use essay writing service to totally finish their commitments.
  • Selling Tobacco ought to be banned.
  • Relationship among success and diet.
  • Would it be sensible for you to pay thought concerning what others say about you?
  • Should elector enrollment be automatic?
  • Which portrayal of music helps students in considering? An essay writer, editorialists, and various aficionados can share your news. However, for them to circle it, they need something significant for them.
  • Should the swank business be forced to utilize biofuels?
  • Should young people be shown housekeeping at school?
  • What does a perceive that fundamental exists in your inventive mind take after?
  • The best dearest memory.
  • Portray a moving companion or relative.
  • The most stunning put on the planet
  • What makes me see the value in an individual
  • Portray your day as another college student.
  • The most humiliating moment of your life
  • Being separated from everyone in the company of strangers.
  • Should extreme organizations need to pay charges? You can write an essay by taking help from a free essay writing service to help perusers with understanding the confined setting.
  • How can be managed regards to weapon control in the United States?
  • Is killing a killer shameless?
  • Should cigarette smoking be banned?
  • Inside a pleasant restaurant, building, or room
  • A thing left too long in your refrigerator
  • Write how an ideal plan model should look like today.
  • Depict your esteemed caf
  • The standard occasion in American History.
  • A dearest companion.
  • Portray a spot you esteemed as an adolescent.
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  • How I contributed my energy with my grandparents
  • Should school uniforms be mandatory?
  • Your fundamental tune
  • A nursery or a flowerbed of clear sprouts or plants or trees
  • Ought to there be cutoff centers to free talk?
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  • What are the best inconveniences for women in the work area?
  • Which languages are the most expansive and demanded these days?
  • Students ought not be permitted to play PUBG
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  • My esteemed family trip
  • Conclusively when I understood Im not a youth anymore
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  • Seven days without web and development.
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