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Ask yourself these five questions before enrolling in yoga teacher training.

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It may be not easy to pick with so much yoga instructor training available, and you may find yourself relying on your yoga class more than ever to help you make a choice. You want to make sure you do it right the first time since Yoga instructor Training is a big money and time commitment. Before you sign up, consider the following ten questions in yogitimes.


1. Event planners — What is the length of time that the educators have been teaching?


When it comes to learning, you have the right to demand and deserve qualified and experienced instructors. People who are well-informed and can provide you with a range of real-life circumstances. Information and hands-on training to help you start your new profession as a Yoga teacher. To work as a Tertiary Lecturer at a university, you must have a bachelor's degree and, in certain circumstances, a master's or doctoral degree. Shouldn't your facilitators be held to the same educational and experience criteria as these well-known teachers, who have years of study, certificates, and sometimes decades of experience?

Yes, we think so. Our facilitators at One Family Yoga and Fitness (OFYF) have over 70 years of combined expertise!

Lainie Jenkins, our primary facilitator, has spent more than a third of her life teaching Yoga. Become a student in one of her courses. Please take advantage of this opportunity; Lainie's reputation precedes her. Many individuals have sought her out for mentoring.

Our anatomy specialist, Maria Kirsten, has been practicing Yoga for over 20 years. Maria is a force to be reckoned with, both functionally and physically. Yoga instructors-in-training will learn how to make Yoga's powerful postures and practices safe, simple, and accessible to everyone.

For almost 40 years, Swami Mukti Saraswati has been teaching Yoga and meditation. Swami Mukti lived in an ashram in India from the age of 17. She immersed herself in the Ashram culture and teachings, gaining a vast amount of wisdom and knowledge in philosophy, history, and the study of all things Yogic.


OFYF is very lucky to have this partnership of experienced facilitators and the information they convey to you, equipping you with EVERYTHING you need to begin your Yoga Teaching career, or possibly a journey of self-discovery and revelation that drives you to seek out different yogic experiences. Consequently, those who attend our courses do so for the sake of learning, understanding, and yogic progress.


2. Is the lead teacher-friendly, encouraging, and easy to work with?


You may have stunning or unexpected sensations when you clear away blockages in various facets of your life throughout Yoga Teacher Training. You may feel worried or even dubious about yourself at times. But it's just for a short time! You'll need a teacher who can help you with any concerns you may have at this time.

Lainie, our primary facilitator at OFYF, is a kind, down-to-earth person. She is a fantastic teacher who is both accessible and friendly. Lainie helps her students with their individual needs and Yoga Teacher Training requirements by creating a comfortable learning environment. If you want to feel supported and welcomed throughout your yoga teacher training, OFYF's Yoga Teacher Training is for you.


3. Make direct eye contact with the other person. Is this sufficient to qualify you as an attorney?


According to Yoga Alliance Australia, you must have 180 hours of face-to-face contact in the 200-hour Level One. Yoga Australia needs an additional 105 hours for the 350-hour Level One. One Family Yoga and Fitness offers a "higher designation RYS." There is minimal to no face-to-face contact in some Yoga Teacher training programs (TT advice sometimes suggests avoiding both of these institutions in some of the TTs available). "I've seen and witnessed an unusual pattern...," Lainie adds of her registration attitude and her courses meeting the requirements. I often speak with prospective Yoga teachers who, although having paid a considerable quantity of money, lack the guts to teach in a Yoga Studio."

4. Is there a chance to teach REAL individuals with help and feedback as part of the training?


More than merely teaching Yoga to other instructors in training is required for yoga teacher certification. The majority of yoga teacher training, on the other hand, concentrates on teaching ONLY to other trainees with no feedback, which is surprising considering that your fellow trainees will likely know a lot more about Yoga than the average Yoga student.


After finishing OFYF's curriculum, you WILL be ready to teach. You'll learn how to teach REAL students and get the chance to work with experienced OFYF Yoga Teachers. Every teacher who has completed this course and wants to share their passion for Yoga is doing so right now!


5. Does the trainer provide ongoing support and training?


Yoga teaching is a career that requires ongoing education. Many other teacher preparation programs provide the Level One course; this is OK for a start, but when you need more information, you may find it isn't such a great option after all.


At OFYF, we provide a Level One and a Level Two with 350 hours! In addition, we offer some current workshops, course modules, and Teacher pieces of training from a variety of Yoga lineages that may help you expand your knowledge of Yoga and genuinely inspire you to follow your passions and stand out as a Yoga Teacher who can make a successful career by sharing your love of Yoga. At OFF, there are unlimited options, which is excellent for those who want to keep improving!


posted Nov 18, 2021 by Royal Noobs Plays

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