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Applications Range of Xinyu Copper Clad Aluminum Enameled Wire

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The new type of Enameled Aluminum Wire using copper clad aluminum material as the inner conductor has characteristics between copper and aluminum, combining the excellent electrical conductivity of copper and the light weight of aluminum.

In recent years, the important position and role of the enameled wire industry in the development of the national economy has become more and more prominent, and the continuous increase in the price of electrolytic copper has brought a huge impact on the production of related copper wire raw materials and enameled wire suppliers.

The wire has been proved by users to replace pure copper enameled wire, thus providing a huge business opportunity and a broad market for the development of my country's enameled wire industry.

Traditional pure copper enameled wires mostly use pure copper as raw materials, which is not only costly, but also limited by resource shortages. The copper clad aluminum enameled wire introduced by the company can not only replace pure copper equivalently (or super-effectively) in a comparable field, but also greatly reduce the manufacturing cost. The replacement of pure copper and the substitution of imports will definitely contribute to the development of the national economy. The improvement of the technical level and the reduction of manufacturing costs in related industries and fields have played a powerful role in promoting. Moreover, the copper clad aluminum enameled wire has a wide application range.

Application range of copper clad aluminum enameled wire:

  1. It is used to make windings that require light weight, high relative conductivity, and good heat dissipation, especially windings that transmit high-frequency signals.
  2. Enameled wires for high-frequency transformers, ordinary transformers, inductance coils, motors, household motors and micro motors.
  3. Enameled wires are used for rotor coils of micro motors.
  4. Special electromagnetic wire for audio coil and optical drive.
  5. Magnet wire used for the deflection coil of the display.
  6. Electromagnetic wire for degaussing coil.
  7. Electromagnetic wires used for internal coils of mobile phones and driving components of watches.
  8. Other special electromagnetic wires

To buy the Enameled Copper Strip from a manufacturer online, you need to make sure that the manufacturing company is reliable and reputed. The company should only offer quality products which abide by global and local quality standards. The products must also be thoroughly tested to make them completely safe for use. Xinyu has built its reputation on delivering wire sourcing solutions for its customers. With the largest, most varied inventory of Enameled Wire and Enameled Copper Strip found anywhere. You can click to learn more information.

posted Aug 12, 2021 by Xinyuwire Enamelled

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