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Problem is, is that I've 62k willows in my bank that I was going to wor

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I'm Vedave, and RuneScape gold I have been playing with this char since January this season. I am level 5 (haven't trained fight (yet)), and I guess you could call me a skiller. My first intention was to achieve 99 at firemaking, finishing with a decent WC level throughout the process. Currently, I'm 88 firemaking and 78 woodcutting (though my WC level could be substantially higher if I'd properly trained it like FM). To be honest, firemkaing isn't as simple as it seemed - it's rather fast yes - however it demands some intense concentration and patience (especially once you consider the way that it's near impossible to converse with anyone when coaching ).

I have another account that I ceased using last year because I was ill of its own awakened abilities, therefore decided to attempt making a skiller. I like my abilities at the moment, but he feels incomplete. I was P2P for some time, but I stopped because I was not using any of those members' resources (occasionally woodcut behind Seers' lender, but that is about it).

Item is... I am not sure if I want to stay a low level... fair enough, it might be cool to stay like, level 3 - 7 and also possess a skillcape, but for some reasonit seems wrong not to have st least some battle abilities. Call me a hypocrite, but with my other accounts (who I got to level 84 battle with), I always said how much I did not like ranged. After attempting ranged properly I actually found it is a really wonderful skill.

The Issue, I want to understand if folks think I should stop being a low level, and begin training ranged (possibly with a bit of def for those armours). I do not mean like... reach level 60 then cease... I would love to get 80+ in ranged because it's such a cool skill. I said that when I got a 99 whilst remaining level 5, I'd consider levelling up in combat. I really don't understand why Ranged sticks out so much, but it's a skill I really enjoyed training (if just to level 67) with my other account.

Regarding Firemaking, Like I stated earlier - My aim was/is to reach 99 fm. I'm 88 atm burning maples. It's been okay so far but I've ran from maples to burn (and cash ). I chose maples since they're cheap and faster than willows. Problem is, is that I've 62k willows in my bank that I was going to work with for firemaking (can get me to around 96-97 when all burned), but burning 62k seems somewhat daunting... something I overlooked somewhat once I bought them. So now I'm trying to sell them for maples (I will cut yews to produce money for maples when demanded ). If I stay with maples and attempt to sell the willows, or cheap OSRS gold burn the willows (will take quite a while, I imagine)? Cheers for your time.


posted Nov 10 by Sunxuemei

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