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Why medication, do we not get enough in diet?

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posted Oct 24, 2015 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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Medication is sometimes important especially when it comes to supplements for nutrients like vitamins, calcium, minerals, etc. It is true that ideally our diet should be enough to provide for these but with hectic lifestyles, dependence on more of processed foods and following fad diets often leads to lack of many nutrients.

As vegetarians, a lot of individuals lack essential minerals and healthy fats from their diet. Think cod liver oil from fish or even the goodness of vitamin D from meat sources. Vegans, eliminate some sources completely from their foods, which include dairy products and eggs. As a result they can lead essential vitamins and calcium from the diet.

Hardcore meat eaters would find themselves lacking fibre, which means that they might have traits to be more constipated. Such individuals are also at a higher risk of getting cardio-vascular diseases.

What can be done?

An honest attempt to change your diet and lifestyle is your best bet. You can research and include foods in your daily meals that compensate for the loss of those nutrients. So vegans can opt for soy milk and tofu instead of diary products. While non-vegetarians can add more fibre via fresh fruits and veggies.

But in some cases, it is really important to start medications if there is an acute deficiency on a nutrient. For instance, an arthritis patient would need to have calcium supplements. Similarly, if you lack vitamin D in the body, then you might need medications here because this vitamin is not easily available from vegetarian sources.

Thus in some cases, medication becomes mandatory rather than a choice. And if test results reveal a serious deficiency of any nutrient, then medication can hasten or speed up the process of recovery and make up for the lack of the same.

answer Mar 15, 2016 by Swaroop
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This is really a question that we can answer ourselves. Tests, symptoms of illnesses and other relevant factors prove that we lack nutrients at some stage or the other, because of which medicines are prescribed. This is usually seen in people who are living hectic lives, choosing to ignore healthy and nutritious food over the more convenient packaged and processed versions - with literally zero nutrients. So there is no way you are going to get healthy nutrients when you are following Atkins that eliminates your carbs completely.

Let’s go back some decades when there was really no concept of a refrigerator and food was made fresh and consumed. There were fewer toxins and pesticides used in the ground soil so the entire natural process of nutrient absorption was not hindered. Plus people walked, did chores manually so they were fitter and ate everything. Uncomplicated and simple food!

Today, most people have sedate jobs, hectic lifestyles and poorer diets. And that’s why medication becomes more of a compulsion. If you chose to eat fresh, balanced and healthy, there is really no reason to go for medications or supplements like calcium, magnesium or vitamins - unless you suffer from a serious medical disorder or issue.

enter image description here

So what you can do here is make use of the above image or even consult a nutritionist to understand where you are going wrong. If there is a particular deficiency, you can correct the same temporarily by having some medications. But in the long run, your goal should be to eat right and eat fresh for correcting that imbalance rather than popping that pill in your mouth. Not only will the body absorb these nutrients the right way by eating sensible and balanced, you will also notice a visible change in your overall health.

answer Apr 18, 2016 by Shahid R