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I can understand that people just need to jump to the activity

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The game really does a horseshit job of pso2 sales teaching people how to play this, and surely enjoys to punish players who aren't playing it"the ideal way", but it certainly can be fun as soon as you're on the hump of learning how some of it works.

Moreover, they should rename the sport "Menus: The Game."

The JP weapon camo list on arks-visiphone is missing a slew of camos. You might choose to consult with the japanese wiki instead(simply use chrome's construct in translator if JP is a problem).

Swiki has everything from weapons, to cosmetics to misc. information. It is well worth checking out, even if you have to use the awful machine translation.

I need this, got to lvl 40 with no mag or subclass til somebody asked me

The game is not really good at telling you about important things like this. Not everyone would like to perform every side quest in a match to figure out what unlocks what.

The Arks Main Mission lets you talk to Afin (for fundamental palette usage), talk to Cofy (for unlocks), talk to Jan (for social), do practice quests, get a supplementary, use the EX-Cube store, etc..

I can understand that people just need to jump to the activity, but these matters are not side quests. They are the tutorial.

Though I admit the translation often try too difficult to cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta follow along with the Japanese text, and frequently don't convey what's actually being said.


posted Oct 31 by Nanlina

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