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Some of you will laugh some of you may feel awful idk haha whatever

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Theres things OSRS gold they've lost along the way or changed irrevocably in RS2 & EOC, but not without some good additions or improvements, personally I find 07 graphics depressing, but they were reasonable for the time. The equilibrium you, & we all, have to find will be do you want to be stuck playing the game you recall fondly, or watch the sport continue growing, as much as some of that expansion may be nasty mutations.

Some of you will laugh some of you may feel awful idk haha whatever. So I got a 24 hour prohibit another day and I was quite mad about it since I didn't believe I did anything wrong. I had been noted for botting and the ban was a minor macroing ban. Either way I don't even know how to bot lmao. I guessed I wont bother appealing it because it was just a day, and so I went with my organization.

The next day I get on and notice my bank is all messed up. . .YES JAGEX eliminated many of my precious things as punishment... actually an incredible volume. I was mad but what do I do. . . .is now 97. . .my 90 mining is 89 and all of my other stats are down at least 2 levels. . .except burglar... theres 99,... currently im absolutely furious.

Guess I have a lot of work to do. . .anyways finally the 3rd thing that they did which was likely the thing that pis*&Id off the most is that my whole bank account was rearragned and no more in order. . .OCD kicked . . .they dont even know how long that required me to set up lmao! Guess I've a great deal of work before me. Either way... just the fact that there is bots upsets me because that is the main reason this all occurred. Comment out if out of all of the punishments..the reality that the whole bank was rearranged would pis* you off the most!

SCENARIO: Sudden changes are happening in Jagex headquarters. Activity numbers are low, there is discontent among the active players, and the team has run out of thoughts. To be able to bring the game back to its former glory in middle college campuses across the world, Jagex fires the current head of buy RuneScape gold and makes the decision to hire you for that position.



posted Oct 20 by Sunxuemei

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Perhaps stealing OSRS gold production could be moved, given that the revenants are now gone into a cave. In my opinion, the mystic's camp should be located at the middle. However, why does Fist of Guthix have to go? There is a teleport option supplied for associates, and hey, you run the danger of getting murdered but not losing anything-what's wrong with this? I wouldn't mind, personally.

You know, I am wondering if Sir Amik Varze is truly a knight. I know the White Knights (From Guthix I wish they had a much better title, like the Kinshra have) really are a political and military organisation, however also in feudal society (yes I do know that RuneScape pays no heed whatsoever to how countries were conducted, or dimensions of land for that matter... areas are way too small) a knight is correct at the base as a king is at the very best, only beaten by an emperor.

If Amik is judgment in the king's steed, certainly he'd have a peerage, such as a Grand Duke? Also that would create Burthorpe a principality (I'm imagining the true principality is huge and the town is merely the capital of it). As for the Kinshra, they banished from Falador and about the hills (I'm pretending there is a massive mountain range separating Asgarnia and Misthalin from the Wilderness... it sounds odd to have one mountain on its own) so I am guessing that makes Daquarius, the leader of the Kinshra, a marquess. This makes sense because holds the name of lord. So again, why is Sir Amik only a knight in comparison to Daquarius, a lord? So, what do you? Would a knight truly be permitted to rule a domain name? Oh and sorry to get a few bits which are unrelated, I copied and pasted it straight off of a post I made on the RSOF.

Graves reduce the risk of RS with a huge amount

The grave situation makes zero sense to mepersonally, for those who don't know, it's the arguement that grave stones won't be blessed as people will steal your loot. Ignoring the fact that preexisting 07 it was just that but you did not have a 6 second grace period of picking up your things, I fail to see exactly what the issue is. One arguement that has come up is the advent of new bosses requires graves, does it? Really? Tormented Demons, a new manager released in 08, so far as I'm aware, even when I duo me and my partner do bless (well he blesses me, he's to expire:D ) I can always make it back in 3 minutes. So the entire tomb stone bless arguement holds nothing here, it doesn't matter whether your grave is lucky or not, you are still buy RuneScape gold able to return.


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. . .So, what are OSRS gold your thoughts on the assumptions, the assumptions and the resulting theory? I've attempted to keep them different so people can explore the merits of their three separately and come up with their own thoughts based on them.I have devised a Method of RuneScape

Cant believe I wasted 5 super stat restore n 10 prayer pots in addition to 30 sharks n 18 rockbite in the past 3 days n still cant get the stuff I trynna get.

OK here's wat happened. Among the hard task was to put on a complete set of skeletal, rockshell or backbone armor n speak to some freminnik. My thought was to get my own raw materials so I could save money (lol I know amount ofy'all might think its idiotic ). I didnt know I want another man to open the doorway to the wallasalki place so once more on dat excursion I wasted a jar of prayer bud for nothing (I was wearin my ranger stuffs so I heavily rely on prayer in the point). I finally learned to make use of the narrow passage at the back to trap it wont escape. Then later on my handcannon broke (200k right there!) So I was made to use zanik's crossbow n bone routers (I got a whole lot of it) to fight wallasalki. I killed like 25 of em n still aint got all of the bone pieces. So I finally gave up n move to ge to buy a skeletal set n it took 1 day to buy it. Later on I resold it I aint got considerably potion n food abandoned.

After it I started the quest n survived the initial battle covering baba yaga n second fight defending relleka. Subsequently two times try out savin king vargas all failed n king vargas' hella weak cant even take hits n almost every hit on him strikes high. Now im outta food only 18 rockbites n zero potion so I have no choice except to go pause on the pursuit for time bein. 5 superb stat restore, 10 prayer pot, 30 sharks n 18 rock snack in addition to my hand cannon, all move boo boo, nevertheless I still unable to finish the pursuit... waterbirth island is similar to a rs vietnam directly here. BTW im lv 103 using 82 strength. Attack defend both 76 as well as 62 prayer. Before the launch of blood runs deep I never been around waterbirth island b4.

In light of this recent spike in bot usage, I've devised a method of bot-catching strategies and tests to check to determine what the probability of the player in question being a bot. Some people like to browse different pages while training, and I've taken that into consideration when devising my tests. Simply because a person fails a test does NOT mean that they are a bot, but are more inclined to be one.


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Fewer Injuries

Hot yoga takes place in humid rooms between 95 and 105 degrees, and the high temperature makes it easier for your muscles to stretch as you perform different poses. Many people begin attending yoga classes to improve their overall flexibility, and you’ll find that hot yoga classes are a great way to further improve your flexibility. Flexible muscles are far less prone to injury than tight, unstretched muscles, so take up any form of yoga if you’re hoping to reduce your risk of strains or tears.

yoga Injuries

Improved Circulation 

Hot yoga classes have the potential to push you to your physical limits. While you may be able to do the majority of the poses in a hot yoga class under normal conditions, the hot and humid environment makes a typical yoga routine much more difficult. You’ll find that hot yoga delivers a great cardiovascular workout, and your body’s circulation will improve after several months of hot yoga sessions.

push your physical limit

Weight Loss

As you might expect after reading the previous section, hot yoga is a great way to lose weight while toning your body. The cardiovascular demands of each session will burn more calories than a yoga session, and the amount of sweat your body produces during a typical session will also help you shed unwanted weight.

No matter what your exercise regimen is, it’s important to listen to your body and ensure that you stay safe during your sessions. Drink plenty of water before, during, and after hot yoga sessions, and you may even want to invest in a sports drink with sodium and electrolytes if you’re attending several classes a week. You can eat a light snack before arriving, but we discourage coming to a hot yoga session on a full stomach.

weight loss using hot yoga


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I'm Vedave, and RuneScape gold I have been playing with this char since January this season. I am level 5 (haven't trained fight (yet)), and I guess you could call me a skiller. My first intention was to achieve 99 at firemaking, finishing with a decent WC level throughout the process. Currently, I'm 88 firemaking and 78 woodcutting (though my WC level could be substantially higher if I'd properly trained it like FM). To be honest, firemkaing isn't as simple as it seemed - it's rather fast yes - however it demands some intense concentration and patience (especially once you consider the way that it's near impossible to converse with anyone when coaching ).

I have another account that I ceased using last year because I was ill of its own awakened abilities, therefore decided to attempt making a skiller. I like my abilities at the moment, but he feels incomplete. I was P2P for some time, but I stopped because I was not using any of those members' resources (occasionally woodcut behind Seers' lender, but that is about it).

Item is... I am not sure if I want to stay a low level... fair enough, it might be cool to stay like, level 3 - 7 and also possess a skillcape, but for some reasonit seems wrong not to have st least some battle abilities. Call me a hypocrite, but with my other accounts (who I got to level 84 battle with), I always said how much I did not like ranged. After attempting ranged properly I actually found it is a really wonderful skill.

The Issue, I want to understand if folks think I should stop being a low level, and begin training ranged (possibly with a bit of def for those armours). I do not mean like... reach level 60 then cease... I would love to get 80+ in ranged because it's such a cool skill. I said that when I got a 99 whilst remaining level 5, I'd consider levelling up in combat. I really don't understand why Ranged sticks out so much, but it's a skill I really enjoyed training (if just to level 67) with my other account.

Regarding Firemaking, Like I stated earlier - My aim was/is to reach 99 fm. I'm 88 atm burning maples. It's been okay so far but I've ran from maples to burn (and cash ). I chose maples since they're cheap and faster than willows. Problem is, is that I've 62k willows in my bank that I was going to work with for firemaking (can get me to around 96-97 when all burned), but burning 62k seems somewhat daunting... something I overlooked somewhat once I bought them. So now I'm trying to sell them for maples (I will cut yews to produce money for maples when demanded ). If I stay with maples and attempt to sell the willows, or cheap OSRS gold burn the willows (will take quite a while, I imagine)? Cheers for your time.

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