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I frankly think it probably is a fantastic strat for RuneScape

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He'd have armour, but no supplies, only spells and RuneScape gold an SGS. Here is the thing, halfway through the series, he said"this is a little too easy" and fucking dismantled it. This might be the most alpha move I've ever discovered of. It is the most classically Woox bend of all time. He also didn't utilize it to start with. It was not half way the run. He didn't disassemble it .

I remember when that clip came out I was in shock. Sometimes I still go back and watch it in disbelief. Even more badass he did it after someone else did 3 capes with no banking. His reasoning was using a no distribution run he can do it"infinite" times. I may be out of this loop but he did utilize armour? Unless isnt that is ancestral and armadyl believed armour. He also did have and use pillars in that run. No pillars was different run where he did possess armour, weapons, brews, pots and everything except for pillars. I mean someone could just link the vid that one is without food,he has done another conclusion without columns as far as I know nobody has ever done inferno without food or pillarsNeverthless great runs.

Why do people kill zuk healers with blood barrage. That seemed so much easier than the individuals who get dragged by blowpipe. Much reduced dps. It's such as 1/2 that the dps. I guess that means you'll face more mage/ranger waves since zuk heals more and he will be enraged for longer. But I have seen soo many people die due to blowpipe pathing it seems like it would be well worth it for some. You also get some dps that is increased since spells are the assortment of the bp. And recovery so you don't have to worry about brewing mid healers.

I frankly think it probably is a fantastic strat for novices. Nearly every time I see somebody doing their first cape on twitch they overlook ticks with blowpipe they're likely not even doing half their spreadsheet dps anyhow, plus they brew their range level as soon as they become spooked. If you are able to find the exact half dps figure with a implementation requirementscope, and recovery in precisely the exact same time that is probably going to make your life simpler.

Rendi has mad match understanding & he's contributed to furthering the understanding/exploiting of the sport mechanisms. However he had plenty of help along the way. He's very well connected with all the underground & market runescape communities that contributed a lot of buy RS gold game knowledge to him.


posted Sep 2 by Mmoruki

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Similar Questions
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I feel like if they structured it in the exact same way as OSRS gold has (Pre-wars escape because its waaaay too OP) with maybe some different rewards or improvements to existing gear/slayer related stuff it'd work good, such as imbues for leafbladed gear, possibly an extra ban/extend slot for tasks afterwards so long etc may even go as far as to increase the term of item degrades and strands by like 5%, nothing too OP but stuff that would still allow it to be worth doing. I hope they just refuse it and he learns that he can't just dev what he needs, but what the community as a whole desires.

Tbh though some of it's really good but the bigger image was not considered, which is ordinarily the case with brand new devs. In a lot of cases they look past a lot of obvious nerf options to balance it (in RS3 the helm doesn't function on boss master jobs such as that would balance things or simply to offer 1 task each week or that you have to purchase jobs for 50 points or something restricted to one daily and the helm is permitted ) and they might just not have bothered with boss teleports and lots of the tertiary substance as the osrs community is greatest with slender and non-revolutionary updates which are then enlarged on according to community feedback.

This is just a bad dev arrangement though, they should have had him working under somebody on the wilderness boss rework rather than changing the most popular skill in RuneScape as his first project. Agreed, slayer is an OP money manufacturer and battle training method (or I guess correctly powered) so meddling at all should be carried out by people nearer to RuneScape and neighborhood. I am pretty sure it's regarded as a learning experience for him of being capable of adjusting his raw idea to something community would actually vote or see the outcome of the polls.

There's not any way he did any of this without explicit consent from on top. It is not like they just told him to get cracking and they would poll whatever. Yeah, he probably got encouraged to lead developer for indicating porting RS3 content and SLAYER. I do not believe a new mods first project should be on something that can/will impact RuneScape in this type of large way/scale. At least not with a shit ton of oversight and babysitting (and that point whats the point, just put a experienced dev on it), that clearly has not happened.

As disrespectful as it was, his leash for his very first project shouldn't have been given so much slack. He should not have been okayed to do something that affects so much of RuneScape to this level. Whoever over saw him neglected too by allowing this to come up to now. We should not have noticed this, it should've been stopped if he purposed it as a concept to them. Has such a drastic impact on RuneScape. Zero thought was put into the long term effects it'd have by this brand new dev. When he did, it clearly wasn't enough and he definitely doesn't understand enough. The OSRS team understands better. Or buy 2007 runescape gold I thought they did.

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