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Relationship between Basal Body Temperature and hormone imbalance in females

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Basel Body Temperature pattern indicates the fertility, health and wellness, and beauty quotient among females.


Basel Body Temperature chart can help in reducing the concern about future fertility and helps in family planning. 

It also prepares the woman to have less worry, pain or suffering from period days, and also in early detection of women's disease

It can help to understand the skin condition and metabolism and aids in increasing beauty quotient. 

You can buy the BBT thermometer here.

posted Sep 24, 2015 by anonymous

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  • Basal body temperature is the lowest temperature attained by the body during rest (usually during sleep). It is generally measured immediately after awakening and before any physical activity has been undertaken.
  • In women, ovulation causes an increase of 0.2 to 0.4 degree Celsius in basal body temperature (BBT); monitoring of BBTs is one way of predicting the day of ovulation.
  • The tendency of a woman to have lower temperatures before ovulation, and higher temperatures afterwards, is known as a biphasic pattern.
  • For those who want to get / avoid pregnant, BBT enables to forecast the next ovulation date and menstrual date.
  • BBT tells periodical change in female hormone balance which is closely related to her physical condition (e.g. skin condition, metabolism) and mood.
  • Thus BBT implies valuable information to fertility, healthcare and beauty.
  • BBT thermometer can be bought here

Found more information here


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Do you know that you can also use BBT thermometer to Understand the symptoms & checking your Basal Body Temperature to learn if you may have a thyroid condition:

You can buy it here.

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Sub Fertility is a condition where otherwise healthy couple fail to reproduce despite several attempts. 

In India, as per medical experts, approximately 15-20% of people seek advice from the doctors regarding sub fertility issue during their adulthood of 25 to 35 years of age.  Considering 400 Million of adult population in the said age group,  the number of coulee who face this issue is approximately between 60 million to 80 million.   

Doctors suggest two methods to track the fertility trend of women who face such issues.  These methods use other Ovulation Prediction Kits (OPK) or Basal Body Temperature measurement.  Below table highlights the differences in two methods from a layman perspective.

As one can understand from above table BBT method is more clean, easy and also less expensive. The data generated can be used for further diagnostics if required.  



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