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Stress and Diabetes - The Correlation

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Stress is kind of an after effect caused in our body - when it feels that it is being attacked. Stress is due to an array of factors that includes physical causes like injuries, illnesses, etc. and then there are some mental factors too like marriage, job or financial problems etc.

Any time our body is undergoing stress it is natural for it to have an auto response that leads to production of hormones. As a result of this hormone, more energy is stored in the body in form of glucose and fat. The idea is that the body should have enough of both to combat this sudden attack.


But how does diabetes come into action here?

diabetes and stress

You may have already guessed it that since the body is storing more of the fat and glucose in the cells, you are slowly heading towards obesity. In particular, if your body is susceptible to stress. So your body keeps storing fat in the long run and this actually leads to high glucose levels in the body - thus leading to increased sugar in the blood.


Now one problem here is that the stress induced hormonal reactions tend to last for a longer time too. In fact, both physical and mental threat can be equally dangerous for diabetic patients. For ageing people, it means that the body is trying to pump hormones that are no longer there, which leads to a chain reaction of glucose production. For those who are not yet suffering from diabetes, it is taking them a step closer to the same. And for people who are diabetic, higher sugar levels just mean and increased risk of strokes, heart disease, etc.

On the whole, stress is something that you really don’t want around if you are diabetic. And though it is easier said than done, here is an action plan that can help you minimise the damage caused because of stress-




One of the best ways to combat stress would be exercising because it helps in using up all the stored energy in your cells, thus balancing your sugar levels. It also burns fat, which means it takes you away from obesity. Furthermore, exercises release the happy hormones called endorphins that are known for combating stress and anxiety. Walking, aerobics, yoga strength training, etc. find your now fitness mantra here.


Maintain a chart


The next step here would be maintaining a chart of your sugar levels when you are undergoing stress. However, this is not done to add on to stress - but if needed you should have medications prepared to balance the same. In particular, external injuries may call for medical intervention to combat the stress reaction in the body.




A good way to balance stress levels would be meditating every day. Not only does it help in calming the mind and the body, but increases blood flow too. Smoother oxygen delivery to different body parts helps to balance your sugar levels.

It is true that stress is a part of life - but considering you are already suffering from a chronic disease, you should implement measures that will help you in reducing it through these simple measures. 

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stress and diabetes



posted Jun 13, 2016 by Kiran

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