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Health-packed goodness of Blackberries

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Blackberry is a bush fruit that is packed with all kinds of goodness for your health. For centuries, blackberries have been catering to healing a lot of problems related to women health. In particular, they are known for boosting immunity. Here is how blackberries can provide you with a boost-

Managing your weight for enhancing fertility


Obesity is the biggest hindrance to fertility. Women struggle with shedding off those extra kilos to ensure they maintain a good BMI. Consumption of blackberries in fresh form, at least a cup a day, is known to provide you with fibres that keep you filler along with a low-calorie sugar called Xylitol. This sugar is known for boosting energy and also steadies your existing sugar levels.


Fights free radicals causing uterine and breast cancer


Studies revealed that blackberries are rich in promoting flavonoid poly-phenolic antioxidants. These include Lutein, zea-xanthin and many others, which are known for preventing many different kinds of cancer. ORAC value or the oxygen radical absorbance capacity of this fruit is quite high. This measure of anti-oxidant strength is almost 5347 µmol TE per 100 grams.

In particular, women with family history of breast cancer should increase their blackberry content in daily diet. You can mix it up with smoothies or even salads and as desserts. Other elements found here that are known for restricting cancer growth and even preventing the same include phenolic flavonoid phytochemicals like anthocyanins, ellagic acid and tannin). 


Improves levels of haemoglobin



Being rich in different kinds of nutrients, this fruit is also known for its high mineral content. These include potassium, magnesium, manganese and copper. On the whole, these are minerals, which are a crucial part of producing both white and red blood cells. In particular, red blood cells that reflect your haemoglobin levels and with additional benefits like pyridoxine, niacin, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, and folic acid, you get the best of both worlds. These minerals are needed for enhancing the process. With higher haemoglobin levels, your menstrual cycle is regularised, especially absence of cycles in highly anaemic women can be treated through regular consumption of these blackberries.

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breast cancer


posted Jun 2, 2016 by Shahid R

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The easy to consume grapes are probably one of the best health fruits around. In particular,  you can pick from a range of types like black, red or green grapes to suit your palette. Though some nutrient differences can be there based on colour or type, grapes on the general provide you with these health benefits-


Prevention against breast and uterine cancer

cancer and grapes

Increasing rates of uterine and breast cancer in women is alarming and often owed to lack of intake of foods, which contain rich antioxidants. Grapes are rich in different kinds of vitamins, especially C and K, which is known for your blood vessels health. The antioxidants found here protect the body against different kinds of free radicals, which make you risk-prone to diseases like cancer. As per research, about 1 cup of green grapes contain at least 5 milligrams of vitamin C and K. So go ahead and have a bowlful.


Mineral-rich for boosting fertility health


One of the most crucial components found in grapes is potassium and iron. Basically potassium provides you more than just healthy muscle and cell function. In particular, women who tend to suffer from irregular cycles, poor haemoglobin levels, etc. should consume grapes on a regular basis as it increases RBC levels in the body and regulates menstrual cycles. In fact, 18 milligrams of potassium is suggested for women on a daily basis and grapes contain about '.55' milligrams of the same.


Some of the other benefits that you get from the mineral rich fruit towards fertility and menstrual heath include-

  • Magnesium-rich grapes are known for reducing cramps. Not just during period but also enhances fertility levels and reduces cramping during natural birth. 
  • It flushes out toxins from the uterine area, which is known to prevent risks of cysts and tumours.


Pregnancy health

Grapes are rich in fibres and hence a good source to keep bowel movements regulated during periods. Along with this, it boosts immunity being rich in tannins and flavonoids. But it its also known for reducing stress and hypertension thanks to its high potassium content. Hence, it gives you an overall boost and manages healthy hormonal levels too, which keeps you happier during this period. Vitamins E and K found in grapes are known to aid blood congeal, which is useful for inducing labor. Consumption of grapes has anti-inflammatory benefits too, which is known to fight swelling and pain during pregnancy.

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pregnancy health

breast cancer

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Spinach is one of the most versatile foods that we can have. It is easily used in soups, salads, smoothies, etc. without much fuss. You can have it raw but cooking the same increases your benefits. Since the iron is more easily absorbed in cooked spinach.So here are some more reasons for adding spinach to your diet-

Reduced risks of cancer

reduce cancer risk

Loaded with flavonoids, which double as antioxidants, Spinach is known for protecting the body from free radicals. Cancer is often the result of these free radicals and in particular, especially for skin cancer in women. In fact, it has been seen that there are at least 13 different flavonoid compounds in spinach that act as anti-cancer substances and it also includes reduction of breast cancer risks.


Vitamins to maintain weight and boost fertility

There are an array of vitamins in spinach like C and A, which are essential for the body and are known for reducing cholesterol and boost metabolism. Additionally, being rich in fibre, it also helps in triggering weight loss. Women are prone to facing fertility issues because of obesity. Spinach helps manage weight. 


Rich in Iron

iron rich spinach

A lot of women suffer from poor blood count or anaemia due to the lack of red blood cells. Iron is one the most contributory factors here that boosts RBC and thus combats anaemia. Spinach is a food rich in folate that boots your RBC count. Women suffering from anaemia are recommended to have more of spinach in their diets. 


Reduces risk of arthritis and osteoporosis 

spinach for arthritis

A common problem that women face apart from the above is weak and poor bones, which is caused because of lack of calcium. No, spinach might not be very rich in calcium, but it is rich in minerals like iron, which facilitate the absorption of calcium in the body. Furthermore, there are nutrients in spinach that contain anti-inflammatory properties, which are known for healing and alleviating the pain caused because of these two. So rather than complaining, start eating that bowl of spinach. 


Improves uterine health

uterine health

Iron found in spinach is known to boost the health of women, especially uterine functions. The iron found in spinach is a vital part of haemoglobin, which takes oxygen to different parts of the body cells. Lack of blood in the body is a major cause for irregular periods and even stoppage of periods altogether. Eating spinach boosts blood count and transfers oxygen to the uterus too, thus regulating your menstrual cycle. 

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spinach main

reduce cancer risk

iron rich spinach 

uterine health 


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indian gooseberries

Found easily in both fresh and dried forms, the many wonders of Indian gooseberries are not restricted to just outer beauty. An array of health benefits comes from within the body as the Indian gooseberry is a fruit that is very much sought after in Ayurveda too. And here’s why-


Aids fertility by fighting obesity

fights obesity

Cleansing and purifying the blood is the foremost reason for the gooseberry being so popular. It boosts your metabolic activity and is also rich in proteins. As a result, fat is burnt at a much faster pace as compared to regular foods. Also, converting protein into usable forms requires a good deal of calorie burning. It has amino acids that are broken down by the enzymes for cellular growth, whilst using up stored fat. Fighting off this fat from the digestive and uterine area helps in boosting metabolism and thus enhances chances of fertility. 


Reduces menstrual cramps and fights uterine cancer


So many women suffer menstrual cramps, which can be rather excruciating and especially if it happens on a regular basis. The minerals and vitamins found in the gooseberries are known for reducing the impact of these cramps. However, for best results, the gooseberries should be consumed on a regular basis, especially since it takes some time for the body to integrate the same. Drink Indian gooseberry juice or even chewing on the fruit for 2-3 weeks prior to your periods is known to have impact on reducing cramps.


Additionally, the berries are also sources of rich flavonoids and antioxidants, which are known to offer protection against many kinds of cancer, especially uterine cancer. Improvement in immunity and fighting the harmful oxygen free radicals in the body are some of the benefits found in the same.


Prevents swelling and pregnancy constipation

pregnancy and indian gooseberries

During pregnancy swelling is rather common. But being a diuretic fruit, Indian gooseberries are known for flushing out unwanted waste and toxins from the body, along with high levels of salt and uric acid. These are the primary causes of swelling during pregnancy. Also, the high fibre gooseberries boost your digestive function with increased fibre intake. Thus it aids pregnancy related constipation and regulates smoother bowel movements. As a result, risks like biles during this tenure are reduced drastically. Considering that pregnant women are now allowed many medicines, the nutrient-rich Indian gooseberries also give you an immunity boost.

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Fruits like lychee are perhaps one of the most convenient health solutions for women. Along with being high on nutrients, fibres and natural juices and sugar, they are also easy to consume and can be eaten as a fruit, added to heath drinks, dehydrated or frozen and even in some exotic Asian dishes. Here is a sneak peak into why this awesome fruit works wonders for women-


Reduces bloating and constipation during pregnancy

pregnancy constipation

Being natural rich in fibres, this fruit is recommended for pregnant women as it helps in stimulating the peristaltic motion of the muscles in the small intestine. As a result, gastric juices are released and food is passed without exerting much pressure on the anal area, which is one of the most common cause of haemorrhoids too. Even in general, heavier women who suffer from constipation issues can benefit with the same.


Enhances speedier recovery after STD

lychee for immunity

Whether it is a viral infection or some other infection like STD, the richness of vitamin C in Lychee is known to increase white blood cells in the body. Hence if you are suffering from low immunity, which is often a problem that underweight women face, eat more of lychee. In particular, pregnant women should consume this considering the benefits pass on to the baby too.


Reduced risk of cancer


There are chemical compounds called polyphenolic compounds and proanthocyanidins present in lychee, which are known for neutralising free radicals. Hence, they offer protection from certain types of cancer like uterine cancer. Also, the fruit is known to protect the skin from harmful UVA/ UVB rays, which also reduces risks of skin cancer.


Prevents risk of candida and Herpes

lychee for herpes

There are some viral and fungal infections that women are very prone too. Lychee is rich in proanthocyanidins and Litchitannin A2 compound, which is largely known to reduce and prevent the outbreak of the same. In particular, herpes simplex virus , candida and coxsackie virus, risks are drastically reduced here.


Manage preeclampsia

Manage preeclampsia

Being rich in minerals like potassium, lychee is known to reduce the risks of preeclampsia in women with previous history of the same. The balance of fluids through metabolic functions with potassium as the vasodilator, eases pressure on blood vessels and helps release stress too. This helps in minimising risks of preeclampsia during pregnancy. 


Fights Anaemia

fight anaemia

The minerals found in lychee include copper, which is known for forming red blood cells and increase oxygenation, especially suitable for anaemic women.

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for speedy recovery

for herpes

fight anaemia

manage preeclampsia


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