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What are the symptoms when the Prana and Apana are united and when the Prana passes in Sushumna?

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posted Jun 22 by Nikitha C.n

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1 Answer

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When Prana and Apana are united, the united Prana-Apana will pass through the Sushumna and the practitioner will become dead to the world, i.e., he will lose the consciousness of his body, environments and the world but will have perfect awareness. He will feel Divine Thrill, Divine Ecstasy and the experiences of the lower stages of Samadhi. When the Prana proceeds higher in Sushumna, different kinds of experiences at different Chakras are felt by the practitioner (which cannot be described but should be experienced). When the Prana reaches Sahasrara, the Yogi attains Samadhi.

answer Jun 23 by Megana