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What are the reasons to be preferred for considering ZIFT over IVF/GIFT? Are there any adversities associated with it?

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What are the reasons I should prefer considering ZIFT over IVF/GIFT? Are there any adversities associated with it?

posted Oct 26, 2015 by anonymous

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1 Answer

+1 vote

Why should you consider ZIFT:

--The procedure involves fertilizing the egg with the sperm, followed by transferring the zygote into the fallopian tube; because of which the patient can be sure that the fertilization has happened. The only next step is travelling of the zygote down into the uterus and implantation.

-- Since the healthy zygotes amongst the numerous used for the treatment are chosen and implanted, usually there is a lower risk of multiple births compared to another procedure GIFT (Gamete Intra Fallopian Transfer, where fertilization and implantation takes within the body after mixing the egg and sperms outside).

-- The lower risk of multiple births (though cannot be completely ignored) comes as a boon; since, it causes no harm to the health of the mother, reduces chances of birth defects due to multiple babies and avoids partial abortions.

Adversities associated:

-- This is the most invasive procedure amongst all the other ARTs. Thus, apart from pain, it also involves risks of pelvic infection, side effects of general anesthesia etc.

-- Surgery related scar is a definite cosmetic disadvantage.

-- The post-surgery recovery process also is one of the disadvantages. The doctor might advise the patient to be hospitalized for 2-3 days to check further progress on implantation.

answer Feb 10, 2016 by Dr Prachi
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