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When is a couple fit for undergoing IUI?

0 votes
posted Oct 26, 2015 by Tom

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1 Answer

0 votes

1. Female traits:
• The age of the female should be below 40 years
• Minimum 1 to 1.5 years of infertility diagnosed
• Confirmation on the open state of at least one fallopian tubes through laparoscopy
• Proof of past ovulatory cycles
• Ultrasound evidence of mature follicles and ovulation
2. Male traits:
• At least 10 million motile sperms per whole sample, after analyzing the semen for two consecutive times
3. Patients with any one of the diagnosis in the past:
• Unexplained fertility
• Immunological factors : Antisperm antibodies formation, causing infertility
• Cervix factors: The mucus lining of the cervix plays a crucial role in motility and vitality of sperms. Any impairment of the same results in death of sperms thus not contributing to conception.
• Male factors: Structural abnormalities, ejaculation issues, antisperm antibodies etc.

answer Jan 19, 2016 by Dr Preetam