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How does hot yoga differ from regular/warm Yoga?

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posted Apr 11 by Archana.s

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1 Answer

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Hot yoga occupies a room heated to match teh body’s core temperature using hydronic radiant heating. Often performed to music, it offers two class types 1.) Slow hot flow, a series of floating traditional hatha postures, gentle on the joints and 2.) Power flow, a vigorous practice following Ashtanga Vinyasa lineage that works to create internal heat through strong poses, pace and jumping transitions.

A variation of postures taught in each session is designed to keep clients stimulated week-to-week.

Alternatively, Bikram, usually using forced air heating, adheres to a belief that practising the same 26 poses and two breathing techniques taught in every class ‘warms muscles, prevents injury, allows a deeper workout and cleanses your body by flushing toxins’.

You are likely to become familiar with the routine, which promotes a more present and focused practice.

answer Apr 12 by Nikitha C.n