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What is the difference between meditation and yoga?

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posted 6 days ago by Rajashekhara

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1 Answer

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To many the word yoga means a series of physical exercises , stretching and tying our bodies into impossible knots. But these physical postures are only one aspect of yoga, known as asanas. The physical postures of yoga are practiced for their health benefits, and because they help to prepare the body and mind for meditation. 

Yoga is both a philosophy of life and a system of spiritual practice. The word yoga actually means union between the individual self and Infinite Consciousness. Meditation is the most important practice in the yoga system and is the means by which this union is achieved. So yoga is a system or science that enables an individual to develop physically, mentally and spiritually, and meditation is the practice that makes the mental and spiritual development possible.

answer 5 days ago by Archana.s